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Thoughts on Kill Bill vol.3?

 Thoughts on Kill Bill vol. 3?

To close up our first week in Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer, which was Tarantino themed, I decided to make a quick rant over just a few things I personally would want to see if Kill Bill Vol. 3 ever got made. Now mind you, Tarantino himself has stated just recently that he's going to stop directing movies after he's directed ten in total. The Hateful Eight has been his 8th film, which means he only has two more movies to make before officially retiring. Or so he says...

Tarantino has always wanted to make sequels (The Vega brothers anyone) or even prequels (The animated version of The Deadly Vipers) but sadly nothing of the sort has been made. Always going off original ideas I feel making a third Kill Bill movie (depending on if you see vol. 1 and 2 as one movie) would be a bit of a waste. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the first Kill Bill movies. Hell, I think back in high school I must have seen them at least seven or so times each at the theaters. I had the biggest crush on Michael Madsen, and would listen to the soundtracks over and over again. Since then my taste and ranking in his films has slightly changed, and as shocking as it seems the Kill Bill movies are much lower on the list compared to his other works. I have nothing against these movies, mostly with the killer storyline and violent, beyond amazing moments that fill up each film. I always felt having Vernita's daughter seeking revenge a little stale. I could see her 100% being one of the many villains, even so much as going against BeBe who could now be a young teen, but her going after The Bride as the main storyline? Zzzzzz.

Here's the only ways I could see Vol. 3 working...

Pack it full of great villains. 
Yes, I know this is from Machete Kills, but how bad ass would it be that The Bride and her daughter have to team up against the worst villains yet? What made the first two Kill Bill movies so good was the fact that the villains were all so interesting and original. I loved that they had a crazed one eyed hit woman, a Japanese queen of the underground crime league, a housewife, and a white trash cowboy. All working beneath their leader Bill. What made these characters so interesting was the fact that you could tell they all at one time, or still were very dangerous. What I loved about Michael Madsen's character was as much as they tried to play him as this trailer trash cowboy, he was actually more than likely one of the more dangerous Viper members seeing that he was in fact Bill's brother. I always loved the scene where his asshole boss is ripping him apart and how he just takes it even though the audience knows if he really wanted him dead, he could make it happen. In fact, if you honestly think about it...he was the only member that actually stopped The Bride. If there was another volume, I would pack it full of Tarantino regulars. Either have there be a new gang/squad that stands in The Bride and BeBe's way, maybe including Elle who's still blind, Vernita's daughter, and maybe a few new faces. I say what would make this new movie work would be have great villains, each harder to defeat than the last. I would Kill to see The Bride go against someone like Walton Goggings. How bad ass would that be?!

Have Uma return. 
I feel if this film was made within the next ten years, if even made at all having Uma return would be a must. Yeah we could follow BeBe but I think the film's original star returning would be the greatest strength if there was ever another one. Uma proved to be a pretty kick ass and strong female lead. She channeled those bad ass roles from Grindhouse rape and revenge movies in the 1970's and 80's. She's beautiful in a very odd way, but played a woman Hell bent on revenge perfectly. Maybe have her daughter get killed in the opening and have her legit have nothing to loose and she tracks down the people who killed her? Maybe have her team up with BeBe or even have an epic cameo. Whatever it would end up being having Uma appear would be one of my top picks for things that just HAD to be in the movie.

Have Tarantino somewhat involved. 
Now if somebody put a gun to my head and said I had to choose what last two movies Taratino would direct I honestly have to say Kill Bill Vol. 3 wouldn't be one of them. I like the man when he thinks of his own original ideas and him doing a sequel to these certain films, I don't Still, even if Tarantino wrote the screenplay, or even produced and passed the torch to someone else, hell maybe Eli Roth (don't worry, I hear the groans from around the world right now.) maybe it wouldn't ruin the flow that the first movies had. Keep the action going, the vintage feel, and soundtrack on point and make it feel like the last two movies and bang, I think you would have yourself a winner.

Pick a theme.
The first movie was like a 1970's kung-fu film. The second volume was like a vintage western. What could be next? Keep with the gritty Grindhouse theme? Make it a horror movie? A combo of the first volumes? Who knows. Whatever this film could be, I would try to stick with whatever theme it has so it stands out like the pervious movies. 


- Stay tuned for our new theme starting tomorrow!

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