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Most impactful deaths in a Tarantino film.

 Most impactful deaths in a Tarantino film.
Tarantino movies are best known for the over the top violence that splatters across the screen. Looking back on all of his films, I decided to list off in my eyes the six most impactful deaths shown from his career. Mind you, I couldn't choose from all eight movies, but the ones I did pick highlight how one death caused a chain reaction resulting in certain events for the rest of the film.


1) The two police officers - Reservoir Dogs.
- In one of the most violent scenes, Mr. White opens fire on two young police officers that have just driven up to Mr. Brown's failed getaway car. Here Mr. Orange truly sees for the first time how over his head he really is. Mind you we didn't see the store massacre, but just the expression of pure horror as he watches his friend waste these two officers he more than likely knows before his very own eyes.

2) Marvin - Pulp Fiction.
- In the film's most memorable moments, Vincent accidentally fires his gun at Marvin, a young helper who's just riding back from a job with the two leads. Here is another prime example of how truly shocking these movies are. As gross as it is, it pays off as a rather comical pickle that the two hitmen are faced with as blood, brains, and skull are splattered all over themselves and the car they are riding in in the middle of the day. This leads us into one of the most amusing chapters in the entire movie.

3) Bill - Kill Bill
- "You and I have unfinished business..." The Bride massacred her way through at least a hundred different people, including the members of the Deadly Vipers before coming face to face with her ex-lover, and father of her daughter Bill. The same man who sent her into nearly a five year long coma. Many people argue that Vol. 2 is drawn out, but I for one think of it as my favorite between both. After a long talk, after finding out her baby is actually very much alive, and getting to the bottom on how this very complicated relationship worked, The Bride and Bill stand off rather quickly and The Bride reveals her hidden talent. The final moments on Bill's life are bittersweet, and epic. Most of all when he calls The Bride a cunt.

4) Lt. Hickox, Sgt. Stiglitz, and Cpl. Wicki - Inglorious Bastards. 
- My favorite scene in the entire beautiful movie has to be the basement one. Here the only German speaking members of the Bastards go down to meet their death in a tension filled scene that makes anyone on the edge of their seats. After a small, but fatal mistake, a stand off begins and the horrible truth is revealed that nobody down there is going to make it out alive. It's here at Michael Fassbender yet again reminds the world of how truly talented he is as he delivers one of the most epic final lines before the shooting begins. I gotta hand it to all 3 men, they all went out fighting!

5) Dr. Schultz - Django Unchained. 
- The fall of Candyland all began with a handshake. The charming Dr. Schultz did something I think we all wanted to do during this film. After getting rid of Calvin, one of Tarantino's most epic shootouts begin, leading up to the amazing ending. The most touching scene of course is the following morning when Django finds the good doctor slumped over in the barn. Chills every time.

6) Warren and Mannix - The Hateful Eight.
- Yeah we don't exactly see them die, but we know how it's going to end. After 3 hours at Minnie's, audiences witnessed a group of strangers fall one by one. After finally carrying out the late John Ruth's final wishes, Warren and Mannix for once finally come together and are left bleeding to death on this windy stormy night. After the Lincoln letter is read, it's shown how this is finally the end and two men who in the beginning absolutely hated each other, worked together, and yes will now die together. 

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