Saturday, April 30, 2016

8 hidden gems on Netflix right now.

 8 hidden gems on Netflix right now.

1) Curve.
- A young woman is driving her fiancee's truck cross country alone shortly before her wedding. Deciding to take the back roads she makes the fatal mistake is offering a ride to a handsome charming stranger who helps her with she has a little car trouble. It isn't long before the hitchhiker reveals his true motives, causing her to drive the truck off a sharp curve in the vast desert valley. Pinned inside the car, she's forced to figure out how to survive trapped inside her turned over truck, while the crazed passenger taunts her from outside. 

2) The Lookalike.
- A wealthy business man contacts the daughter of one of his friends years after a series of tragic events occurred involving his own daughter during a family vacation. He proposes a simple exchange. He wants to video tape her while having sex and send the footage to her father as punishment over this unspoken thing that happened years ago. For this she'll get a vast sum of money. Only speaking to her over the phone, he has his business associates meet with her but after a stupid accident, the girl is left dead. In a panic, the men decide to hire a lookalike not knowing how many people are connected in this sick and twisted plan.

3) In Her Skin.
- Based off the true story of a beautiful young teenager, who goes missing in New Zealand. Being the darling of her parents, they instantly know something terrible has happened when she doesn't come home one night. Here it's revealed that a deeply disturbed young woman who used to be their neighbor began a violent obsession in wanting to become her. Here we learn the terrible truth of what happened the night this young girl went missing.

4) The Trigger Effect.
- Based off the Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street." we watch a series of events that link several people together during a massive blackout that lasts several days in downtown LA. Scared, three good friends decide to flee the city, and be armed. 

5) Hush
- A young deaf woman lives in a isolated cabin in the woods, trying to finish her latest novel. One night without an warning a crazed manic kills her neighbor and begins lurking around outside taunting her. First he cuts the power, then he begins playing a deadly cat and mouse game not knowing who exactly he's messing with.

6) Would You Rather?
- A young woman who just recently lost her parents in a tragic car accident is left to take care of her of sick and dying younger brother who needs a bone marrow transplant. In massive debit, not knowing what to do, one day one of her brother's doctors introduces her to a wealthy business man who holds a yearly dinner party at his mansion. Here he invites several strangers over in which they play a game. The winner gets a vast sum of money, and basically anything else they want. The young woman is invited knowing little to nothing in what's in store for her. Once she arrives the following night, she sits at a table with other strangers where the host gives everyone the chance to leave before the game begins. The rules are, once the game starts nobody can leave. Everyone stays, thinking that it's just some sort of innocent game thrown by this wealthy man. The games start off small. First with asking a woman who hasn't eaten meat in years in take a bite of steak. New to ask a man almost twenty years sober to have a drink. That's when things get serious. Guards surround the dinner table and the host announces if anyone tries to leave they get shot. It doesn't take long for the frightened guests to figure out it's a sick and twisted game where the guests have to choose their own fate. Last person standing wins.

7) After The Dark
- A group of brilliant philosophy students on the eve of their gradation play a game with their teacher. Here he hands out pieces of paper telling them it's the end of the world. Each person has a profession, and a special trait on why they should survive a nuclear attack. There's an underground shelter which only holds a certain number of people. This means the students need to mentally put themselves in the mindset of who has better worth in surviving and who doesn't.

8) Kristy

- A young college student stays on the practically deserved campus during Thanksgiving break. One night while stopping by a gas station, she bumps into a group of people who start harassing her. Leaving quickly she returns to the campus only to learn these people are crazed psychopaths, who target young women and video tape their murders. Unknown to them, they are about to mess with the wrong woman.

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