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Recent pick ups - April 2016.

Recent pick ups - April 2016
As I lay here in the darkness, under a quilt I just made (talented, I know) watching one of my all time favorite creature movies The Kindred, and sipping an ice coffee, I'm in full vacation mode. What honestly makes vacation so good? Well sometimes it's what little gems you can pick up randomly while enjoying some good old fashion R&R. As of lately with flea market season slowly coming into full effect, I've been VERY lucky with my recent things I've collected. Here, I decided to post of some of the recent findings this week!

1) Jurassic Park - Tea-Rex mug. - Etsy - 8$
I'm really not much of a mug collector. (That's more of my friend Jeanette's thing.) I own a couple cool ones, but really nothing to brag about. Just recently I decided to splurge (a whole eight dollars) and buy one of these adorable Jurassic Park mugs I've been floating around online. I usually drink tea at work so this is perfect for me. As of right now I plan on filling this bad Larry with plenty of coffee for the next several days...

2) Radio - Flea Market - 5$
I'm sure it's clear one of my all time favorite shows is Friday the 13th the series. One of my all time favorite episodes is one in season 2 called "And Now The News" which is about a cursed radio. In fact whenever I get my Friday the 13th the series tattoo, I plan on the radio being one of the cursed objects I want on me. FOR YEARS I've been looking for a radio similar to the one used in the episode. I've found mini versions, but nothing close enough. Finally Sunday I was lucky enough to find this for 5$! I honestly couldn't believe it. I lugged this around, sanded down the sides, and stained the rough spots. It isn't perfect, but it's still pretty awesome looking. My dream is to someday get Robey and John D LeMay to sign this or get an awesome photo of her throwing it into his arms. Classic.

3) Flea Market scores #1 - All under 25$
Last weekend was opening weekend for the flea market I usually go to up in NH. Here I froze my ass off, but found a few gems on VHS such as a few Tales From The Parkside, Night Of The Comet, Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II, and The Unholy. I was also able to snag two vintage issues of Fangoria.

4) Night Of The Demons soundtrack on vinyl. - Bullmoose - 25$
This was one of my biggest scores this month. I usually rarely buy things on vinyl unless it's something really special. I had heard about the limited release of both Kevin Tenney's films Witchboard and Night Of The Demons being released on vinyl but never really got the chance to snag them. Well yesterday just by chance on my way out of the store I happened to flip through the soundtrack section and found this little baby. Thrilled, I went back and bought it. I adore this soundtrack, and absolutely love the color of the records as well as the artwork on the front cover. 

5) Original April Fools Day video store poster - eBay - 7$
This I snagged on eBay after re-watching the highly underrated slasher on the first. Always loving this cover (I'm sure I speak for many people my age whenever they ran into the horror section as kids at the video store this was one of the many VHS covers that always seemed to pop out at them.) Wanting to jazz up my den a little more I was able to snag this original 1986 video store poster for cheap. Now all I gotta do is have the cast sign it!

6) Flea Market scores #2 - All under 21$
This was this past Sunday's haul. Including my killer radio I got, I was also able to snag two more issues of Sangria, novels based off films like The Abyss, Jaws 2, and The Good Son. I was also able to grab films on VHS such as Critters (I own like ten copies but loved the package it came in.), Fright Night, The Unborn II, Poltergeist The Legacy, Phantom Of The Opera, Lisa, and my favorite a 3 episode Tales From The Crypt VHS tape which includes my favorite episode Strung Along!

7) Scream Factory's double bill blu-ray - 17$
One thing I'm sorta a snot about is blu-ray releases. I own TONS and I mean TONS of movies. Still, my weakness is Scream Factory simply because they always find the best movies to re-release. My fingers are still crosses that someday they can buy the rights to the Waxwork movies. Just recently I picked up Cherry Falls by them on blu-ray, and I've been dying on picking up Village Of The Damned. Still, yesterday I went out and picked up their latest double bill, both films starring the late Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame. The main reason I grabbed this movie was the slasher Destroyer. Such a great horror film that I urge anyone to pick up.

Not included on this list is the KILLER frame for my fold out Hateful Eight poster.

Still, I was able to pick up some truly awesome things for all under 110$. I really rarely treat myself unless I'm at a convention or flea market, but YOLO. Please feel free to share whatever finds you've stumbled across as of lately! I would love to see!

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