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Top 10 Tarantino moments

Top 10 Tarantino moments
In keeping with this week of celebrating Mr. Tarantino, here is my very own personal list of my favorite moments from his films. Having to narrow it down to just ten was a task within itself. What are yours? 

10) The fall of "Candie Land" - Django Unchained.
- I'll admit. Django wasn't my favorite Tarantino movie and took forever for me to warm up to. What I did love about this movie was the last half an hour or so in which Django returns to Candie Land to seek revenge and get his wife back. I loved the shot of Candie's people returning from his funeral and entering the house only to have Django waiting for them. Epic. The only thing I really could have done without is watching Jamie Foxx doing stupid tricks on his horse. I roll my eyes every time. Still watching Billy Crash and Stephen bleeding and screaming on the floor makes me laugh, as does the look on Django's wife's face when she blocks her ears getting ready for the explosion.

9) Stuntman Mike catches up with the rest of his girlfriends - Death Proof.
- Death Proof by far is Tarantino's weakest film. This kills me since I really did love Grindhouse, and loved the idea of him finally doing a slasher/horror movie but instead of the killer using a knife or axe, he uses a car. A great movie with great moments, but sadly tons of unlikeable characters. What really put a spin on this film for me was killing off all of the main characters mid way thru in one of the most violent car crashes I've ever seen!

8) "Don't drink the coffee!" - The Hateful Eight.
- I adored The Hateful Eight. In fact I honestly think I could do a top ten list of favorite moments just from this movie alone. For me one of the top scenes had to during chapter 4. After Warren's jaw dropping tale of black dicks in white mouths just a scene before, as well as the death of one of the main characters, the film picks back up with a new chapter, and fitting recap showing something the audience, as well as the rest of the characters besides Daisy never saw. Somebody in true old Western fashion poisoned the coffee pot. Here we watch as suspense builds being in Daisy's shoes as John Ruth and O.B drink themselves two cups of the tainted coffee as she awaits. The result is classic KNB old school effects at it's best. In fact the look on Mannix's face is priceless as John continues to vomit up blood, gasping and trying to warn him not to drink the coffee. Also this scene features one of my all time favorite lines "When you get to Hell John...tell em Daisy sent ya!"

7) The basement scene - Inglorious Bastards.
- When Brad Pitt told BJ Novak that he believed this may be his masterpiece in the final scene of this epic film, I truly believe it was Tarantino speaking to the audience. I couldn't agree anymore. In this twisted new retelling of WWII history, we are treated to one of the most suspenseful, beautifully filmed, and scariest scene honestly ever shown in the last twenty or so years. When I think of this scene, I can say without even a second thought that this was truly made the movie, and set the tone for the rest of the action packed massacre. Told 98% in German, we watch as 3 German speaking members of the Bastards meet up with a spy who is actually a famous German movie actress in a small basement tavern. Sadly for them everything that could go wrong, goes wrong leading up to Michael Fassbender delivering one of the most bad ass final lines of all time before chugging down some scotch. After twenty or so minutes of pure tension it finally reaches a head resulting in the fastest most bloody shootout I've ever witnessed.

6) Movie massacre - Inglorious Bastards.
- After the basement scene, this was what I believe the entire movie was building up to. This is exactly how we all wished the war really ended. I have to give Tarantino props, he rewrites history and does it with a bang. Here we finally get to see revenge told in the sweetest fashion. From Cat People blasting, all the way to the theater blowing up and in the last moments Eli Roth's crazed face as he guns down to trapped Nazis inside and we hear our female hero's chilling laughter even after death as the flames reflect exactly where all of these people will be going. Straight to Hell!

5) "Is she aware her daughter is still alive?" - Kill Bill Vol. 1
- I'll be the first one to say, I actually liked Vol. 2 a whole lot more than Vol.1. I feel this is because I like Westerns a tad bit more, and the fact I could finally see Michael Madsen in all his glory. (Remember kids, he was the only V.I.P.E.R that actually takes down the Bride!) Still, nothing can beat the cliffhanger of Vol. 1 which left audiences, including myself gasping in shock, jaws dropped to the ground having to await the outcome a year later. Talk about one hell of an ending!

4) Jackie says goodbye to Max. - Jackie Brown.
- People might actually be shocked to hear this, but Jackie Brown is my all time favorite film of Tarantino's. It was a movie within itself, wasn't trying to be another Pulp Fiction, and was a classic heist movie told in modern times with some of the most likable and fun characters even shown on screen. This movie is packed full of awesome moments, but for me the best is after the huge money exchange and fall of the film's villain. If you ask me, one of the most romantic couples is Jackie and Max Cherry. Sure the two weren't really a couple, nor really went further than just being partners in helping each other out in this heist, but at the very end when all is said and done Jackie's goodbye to Max as he continues his life in LA as the bail bond's man always leaves me with a tear in my eye. Jackie has her money, and off to start a new life across the world. She offers Max to join her, but without even saying it, Max knows it would never work and politely declines. Here the two share a tender kiss in his office as Jackie leaves without so much as a proper goodbye. Max watches her go, and even has to walk away overwhelmed with emotion as Jackie drives off into the sunset listening to the film's title song. Beautiful. Just plain beautiful.

3) Chapter 5 - The Four Passengers - The Hateful Eight.
- The Hateful Eight makes the list again. I honestly had to figure out which scene would make #3 on this list. I was THIS close to picking Warren and Mannix bleeding together, reading the Lincoln letter  as the film comes to a close before I remembered another scene that in my eyes stole the show. After the huge shootout in the 4th chapter, we are taken back to earlier that morning explaining exactly what happened before Warren, Mannix, John Ruth, Daisy, and OB arrived at Minnie's. Here we meet the four passengers, including Daisy's brother who's been hiding the entire time. My favorite scene is when Six Horse Judy introduces the passengers to Minnie. I got chills overtime all four of them stepped forward giving their names. Complete and utter perfection...

2) "I just shot Marvin in the face..." - Pulp Fiction.
- Tarantino's most famous film, was one I really had to narrow down since there truly are so many memorable moments. For me my all time favorite scene had to be the sudden and unexpected death of Marvin in one of the last stories. Here we jump back to our two favorite hit men, driving back and arguing over if God came down and saved them or not. Here Vincent turns, gun pointed asking Marvin what he thinks about the whole thing. Here, he accidentally pulls the trigger, resulting in Marvin's entire face to get blown off splattering both leads with blood. The surprise of extreme violence, blood, and humor that follows gets me every time. "Just take it to a friendly place!"

1) Stuck in the middle with you. - Reservoir Dogs 
- Ah, Mr. Blond. I honestly think I was the only fourteen year old girl that had a major crush on Michael Madsen growing up. Reservoir Dogs is one of my all time favorite movies, featuring one of my all time favorite characters. Left alone, crazed mad man Mr. Blond (Vic Vega) decides to have a little fun with the police officer the boys have tied up. Here he turns on the radio and gives one of the greatest dance scenes ever featured in a movie. Maybe it's because I have a total girl boner for this man, but this scene gets me overtime. You dance Mr. Blond! Mmmmmm!

So what are yours and why?

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