Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Killer blu-ray pick ups!

 Killer blu-ray pick ups!

While enjoying winter vacation, I swung on down by my local Bullmoose (video and record store) and was able to pick up two brand new spanking blu-rays all for under 20$! See, it pays to save up on Bullmoose points!

My first pick up was Arrow Video's amazing release of the 1985 slasher classic The Mutilator! Arrow Video as of lately has been giving my buddies over at Scream Factory a run for their money. Sure they are a little slow cranking out titles, but each time it's totally worth the wait. The amount of time, effort, and love they put into these extras are amazing. In fact I just began collecting Arrow Video releases just past summer once they began doing releases for the US. So far I have Society, Blood Rage, and now the Mutilator. All three are beyond awesome unrelated gems in the world of horror, and between the breathtaking packaging, extras, and crystal clear HD I look forward to when they hopefully release Dawn Of The Dead and Pieces for the US. I was just able to watch one disk so far, which was under the film's original title Fall Break. I really hate to admit it but the transfer wasn't as clear as Society or Blood Rage but I honestly believe this is due to the film. Who knows, maybe the other disk will be clearer. Still, it was a whole lot better than my bootlegs I've owned in the past. They were so blurry I couldn't even make out any of the kills! I first came about hearing about the Mutilator one Monster Mania when I bought it on blu-ray. It's a fun silly little slasher, with some really great practical effects as well as the greatest most catchy opening title song ever. I've yet to dive into the extras and watch the other disk but so far so good! Stay tuned for a deeper update of this great slasher! I find it fitting since the director of this film Buddy Cooper has opened up a IG account where he's selling original props, VHS tapes, and artwork from the film. Just this past week I was able to sang an original ad of the movie back when it was called Fall Break, and some on set photos! A great addition to my collection for sure!

My second buy was the steal of the day which I got for only five dollars and couldn't pass up. My Science Project is a fun underrated gem of the 1980's starring two very young and attractive male leads. Wise cracking Fisher Stevens, and the ever so dreamy John Stockwell. I ordered this movie on DVD years ago and it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm even lucky enough to own an original poster of this movie and have been waiting for this to finally hit blu-ray and see it's colorful thrill ride in HD. I'm currently watching it and have the biggest smile on my face. This movie honestly has everything, and is fun for all ages. I couldn't urge anyone as a fan of the 80's to check this one out ASAP!

So in closing, check these killer titles out. I can't think of a better way to kick back and relax on my vacation!