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Ten reasons why The Green Inferno rocked.

 Ten reasons why The Green Inferno rocked.
Now I know I'm going to get complete and utter Hell for this, but I really truly enjoyed this year's release of Eli Roth's cannibal film The Green Inferno. Originally filmed in 2013, it took nearly two years before finally the right studio backed it for a release. As an homage to classic 70's and 80's jungle based horror films, this gory tale of a group of activist who crash land in the middle of the Amazon in my eyes was the best horror release of the year. Now I know tons of people are going to argue with me, mostly with It Follows having been released this pervious spring. Mr. Roth isn't really known as the best well liked guy in the business, but I for one am a fan (maybe it's because he's from my home state, or the fact he's the Bear Jew…OR that he makes fun gory splatter films that pay tribute to classic films of the last forty or so years. Whatever the reason is, I want to pay tribute in listing off ten reasons why in my eyes this film rocked. 

10) Eli Roth's big return.
- Eli Roth burst out into the scene in 2002 with his bloody flesh eating fest of Cabin Fever. A few years later he followed it with the brutal torture film Hostel, and a few years later his lackluster sequel Hostel II. Appearing to be getting a swelled head, Eli stuck with directing on a smaller scale (Thanksgiving anyone?) Producing, and acting. Finally after what seemed like a well deserved break, Eli got his ducks in a row and seemed to return to his roots. This film's production was a long time coming, but was well worth the wait with this year's release.

9) Paid tribute to classic jungle themed horror films.
- Cannibal Holocaust, as well as several other cult classic jungle themed films of natives attacking was the main source for this newest take on Amazon themed films. Showing ancient tribes in the heart of the jungle, as far out and over the top as it seems, this movie shows somewhat realistic, gritty, and brutal pacing to build amazing suspense. Had it not been for these classic films in the 70's and 80's I know for a fact we wouldn't have gotten The Green Inferno.

8) The soundtrack.
- Absolutely loved the opening credits with the rythum beat of the drums going on as the cameras flew over the jungle. One of the best reasons to stick around after the bonus scene during the credits is a crazy awesome song that blasts during it. Perfectly captures what kind of feel this movie has.

7) Likable characters.
- It's very rare (mostly in an Eli Roth film) that you find realistic, likable characters. In this movies besides really one certain character (Kaycee the roommate, man oh man this movie in HD did zero favors to her face, nor did her shitty dialog and acting) the actors did an amazing job showing off realistic people in their early to mid 20's. You honestly feel bad for them after they are captured and for once root for the most part that they make it. It's very rare that there's a horror movie when you actually like the characters and don't want them to die. I gotta say each time one of these characters were killed off I was bummed out. Also Eli Roth's stunning wife really stole the show. Can't wait to finally check out Knock Knock.

6) K.N.B gore!
- For nearly 30 years the boys of KNB have been rocking it in every sense. Starting from their early days with Day Of the Dead and Intruder, this company have supplied the effects for more than a hundred movies and even walked home with Oscars. Having the complete pleasure of meeting two of these guys, it was beyond awesome to see them rock the house yet again in a bloody gory horror splatter fest. One of the most brutal deaths is the first one to happen when the team gets taken to the village. It takes A LOT to turn my stomach. This over the top blood bath was classic K.N.B and I loved every second of it.

5) Spy Kid's dick.
- The one actor who really stole the show in this movie was child actor Daryl Sabara. Now an adult, Daryl is a far cry from his Spy Kid's Days and has been taking roles in such films as Rob Zombie's Halloween, and Machete. I'm sure guys all over the world cringed at a certain part in the film when Daryl's character goes into the jungle to take a piss. Trust me my childhood was slightly taken when I saw about 89% of Spy Kid's dick. Holy hell...

4) Stephen King loved it.
- From the man, the myth, the legend himself. Stephen King, master of horror went on Twitter after the release in September and expressed how much he loved this movie and how it reminded him of the good old days of being gritty films like this from the 1970's. Remember guys, King in the past has gone on record to say he's loved films such as The Evil Dead, and Hellraiser. 

3) Witnessed my first walk out while watching it.
- I saw this film several times when it was playing. The second time I saw a young boy, maybe around 11 or 12 get up with who I guessed was his father during the film's most brutal and over the top kill. I kinda felt sorry, but deep down inside thought of how much it rocked that I was sitting back witnessing my very first walk out during a movie. Talk about brutal.

2) The actors are great sports.
- This past Halloween I dressed up as two separate characters from two different movies of actors who appeared in this film. The first was Daryl Sabara's character from Machete, the second was Kirby Bliss' character Amy from this movie (yes, the girl who shits in a cage) I tagged both actors in the photos I took dressing up as them and both tweeted and commented on how much they loved it. Goes to show what down to Earth chill people these guys are. I even had a producer of this film post a photo of my Amy costume on IG this week. Beyond awesome!

1) It made my sister sick!
- My sister loves horror movies as much as I do. We basically grew up watching the same stuff, so being the awesome sister I am I invited her to come see the movie with me again. No word of a lie i've never seen my sister get so sick by watching a movie. #winning.

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