Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 6 Uncut blu-ray

 Halloween 6 Uncut blu-ray

So usually in October I go on a huge haul and try to pick up as many horror gems as possible. Sometimes i'm that idiot that re-buys the same movie if it becomes an SE edition, or new artwork, OR in a 6/8 pack. Well this year my hauls weren't as huge, simply because there were no movies I was uber pumped about buying. That was until I did a Wallmart run to get flavored waters and coffee (I live a very excited life) when I happened upon the newly released Halloween 6 The Curse Of Michael Myers blu-ray which for the first time ever (besides the Scream Factory box set that came out last year) was available for fans to try and make heads or tails of one of the most hated and just over all shitty sequels to a horror movie of all time. A sequel that put a shitty taste in everyone's mouth for horror in the mid 90's. I on the other hand down right adore 90's horror, but this sequel was seriously a piece of shit. I mean it made part 5 look good (that's the movie where Loomis catches Michael by throwing a fucking net on him.) 

Well I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this movie after a good solid 5 or so years since viewing. The on going joke back at school was that one of my roommates ALWAYS without fail would put this piece of shit in. Now I wouldn't say I'm the world's biggest Halloween fan. In order, I would say it's Elm Street, Friday the 13th…THEN Halloween. I adore the first four movies, (mostly part 3) really loved H20, and the rob Zombie remake, but part 5, 6, Resurrection, and H2 can go blow itself. No offense to these films, just didn't dig them. But then again I love the first 3 Hellraiser movies, but 99% of the other sequels suck so…no judging. 

Well this movie strangely put me into a super October mood. I had a fun time watching this movie and seeing the original vision that sadly got cut to pieces, leaving a very weird open end, and over the top shit fest. (Have I said the word shit enough during this review? I don't think so…) 

I think believe it or not Jamie's ending was a tad bit better even tho with the pervious last sequels having all this buildup with the character was a bit of a letdown between the casting, and how they just killed her off. Also don't you love how they truly spell out that Michael fucked his niece? Ewwwww! The whole cult Thorn thing had my eyes rolling, as did how Paul Rudd (who has honestly never aged) stopped Michael by throwing pebbles down on the ground. As silly as some stuff was, the movie is still terrible, but with a little more explained, and a little bit of a better ending with a lot of the extra bullshit taken away, I was amused and went away not hating myself for spending 5$ on this movie. In all honestly it was money well spent, looked crystal clear, and was edited well enough to expand on the decent parts of the movie, and cut away the things that for the most part didn't work. It also sorta branched out for H20 to happen a few years ago.

So is Curse of Michael Myers a good movie? No it's fucking horrible.
Is this cut better and enjoyable?

Hells yes. 

2 1/2 stars - regular movie. 3 1/2 stars for uncut version.

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