Thursday, November 26, 2015

Movies that really capture the magic of Thanksgiving...

 Movies that really capture the magic of Thanksgiving…

1) Home Sweet Home
- This low grade slasher is actually a lot of fun to watch around this time of year since there is truly a lack of horror movies that take place on this highly underrated holiday. I was able to get a killer copy from VHSPS and it's a must to watch every year despite how slow the movie really is.

2) Bloodrage
- Not only is this movie one of my favorite slashers, it's also one of the few but amazing horror movies that take place on thanksgiving. Making up for the lackluster Home Sweet Home. Bloodrage aka Nightmare At Shadow Woods is truly an awesome 1980's old school gore fest with effects by Ed French (Sleepaway Camp, Tales From The Darkside). This slasher actually has a really great storyline and setting. Hopefully one of these months the Arrow Video blu-ray release will finally be available. Until then I'll have to settle with my bootleg and watching it on Youtube. Keep your eyes open for a Ted Raimi cameo, and some classics line likes "This isn't cranberry sauce!"

3) Kristy
- I just discovered this thriller this year thanks to my friend Courtney. It's a blow burn movie, but a great storyline and some really tense moments. I highly recommend this movie to anyone to watch since it's on Netflix and perfectly captures the holidays when one is away at school.

4) The Green Inferno
- This movie is the main course of films. This is by far my favorite movie released this year. The epic comeback from director Eli Roth brings us a stomach turning tale of a bunch of people captured in a tribe in the Amazon. With a likable cast, and some beyond awesome gore moments from KNB this is a must to watch when one is settling down after a big meal.

5) A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 The Dream Child
- This movie is one of my least favorite sequels from the series but nevertheless still I give it the respect it deserves with the colors and style. In fact this would be the desert out of all the films. It's visual eye candy, and has one of the best deaths in the endless line of sequels. When you see Freddy feeding a girl her own stomach you know it's going to be good!

6) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Nothing says the holidays more than the original 1970's cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie captures how truly heart warming it is to settle down with the family and dig into some head cheese.

7) Silver Bullet
- The beer of this movie line up. Silver Bullet is a fun Stephen King film with a great cast, Corey Haim in a wheelchair, and a drunk uncle (we have all had one of those during the holidays) A great movie to watch while catching a buzz and trying to relax after a day full of holiday fun.

8) You're Next
- Somehow I always think of Thanksgiving when I watch this movie. Maybe because of the setting and time of year it takes place, but I love how beautiful this film looks and how crazy everything goes while this very screwed up family settles down to a nice warm meal. Nothing screams Thanksgiving more than guys in lamb masks attacking people! 

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