Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gremlins action figure by Chad Young of The Horror BBQ

Well, it finally happened! After years and years, us Galligang Members finally receive what we've been waiting and long for. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived. 2015 will mark the debut of...THE BILLY PELTZER ACTION FIGURE.

Standing at only 3 3/4, this throwback is ready for all your backyard adventure with all your favorite Star Wars and GI Joe figures. 

Wanna take down Darth Vader? GALLIGAN.

Is Cobra taking over the world? GALLIGAN.

Is Skeletor invading Castle Greyskull? GALLIGAN.

We fans have been hoping for years we'd receive a Billy Pelzter figure after the constant(and enjoyable) barrage of Gremlins variations. We've received the Electric Gremlin, the Brain Gremlin, even the Bat Gremlin. Again, not complaining, but it's about time we received our favorite banker! Coming with his handy green backpack as well as his trademark sassy red sweatshirt, this teen idol is ready to make your sister's Barbie scream with excitement. The likeness isn't spot on perfect, but it fits for the toyline, especially considering the goal of ReAction is to represent classic toys in classic 1970s/80s Kenner fashion. Despite looking like David Naughton, this is as perfect of a Billy figure we could get. 

So if you ask me, what's the perfect gift for your friends and family this year?


-Chad E. Young
Terror Twins Podcast
Galligang Fan Club ID: 9838494

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