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10 reasons why Jurassic Park rocked.

 10 reasons why Jurassic Park rocked!

10) Best Steven Spielberg movie since Jaws.

- I love Spielberg, but sadly I can count on one hand the movies of his I truly love. As a huge fan of Jaws, this hands down was truly his best film since his 70's shark adventure. Had he kept making movies like this, he would of hands down been one of my all time favorite directors of all time. Sorry guys, I can't forgive him for The Lost World.

9) Based off an amazing novel.

- This past summer I was lucky enough to finally get around to reading the amazing novel this film is based off on. Had they taken this route the novel went, Juraasic Park would have been a much darker movie. I absolutely loved this book, and the fact Muldoon pretty much steals the show in it. I mean come on how, the man takes down a T-rex down himself. Bad ass!

8) The perfect mixture of practical effects and CGI.

- If only films followed this movie's lead in production maybe we would have more CGI that would hold up today. Thanks to the late Stan Winston, there was a beautiful mix of practical effects and puppets with CGI. It really doesn't look too dated and this movie was made over 20 years ago! In fact I have it on blu-ray 3D and there really aren't many scenes that show the film's age.

7) Fun for any age.

- I don't care who you are, nearly 99% of anyone I talk to LOVES Jurassic Park. You would be a fan of any sort of movie and still enjoy this film. People my age grew up watching it (I still remember having the video game and a stuffed raptor as a kid.) or you were lucky enough to see this movie when it first opened. I feel that's why Jurassic World did so well at the box office. So many people in their mid to late 20's grew up with this movie being a huge staple of the 90's and got to relive their childhood by seeing the next installment in the series. This is a movie you could show anyone at any age and get some sort of reaction. Sure some scenes are a little intense, but I see it as the Jaws of dinosaur movies. It's a complete thrill ride that never lets up.

6) The raptors.

- Long before Jurassic World where the guy from Parks and Rec were teaching them how to behave on command, these little fuckers were the biggest villains of all time. Rarely seen in the beginning, all you know is they are the only dinosaur that makes both Dr. Grant and Muldoon nervous. If there's any dinosaur that gives the T-rex a run for his money, deserves it's very own place. There's some major foreshadowing in the beginning of the film with the 6 feet turkey speech. Between the epic opening (love how the music cues up when the film's main title comes across the screen.) How while transporting one of the raptors, there's an accident and the gatekeeper is sucked inside eaten alive. Here we get to meet the film's biggest bad ass Muldoon who struggles to fight against the raptor and pull the poor dying man out of the cage. There both monster and man lock eyes and we're given one of the film's best lines "Shoot her!" These raptors steal every scene they are in, including the terrifying kitchen scene where they stalk the Lex and Tim characters.

5) Likeable characters.

- It's very rare that such a great cast comes together. Sure there were asshole characters in this film, but I'll give credit where credit is due. Every single one of these actors knocked it out of the park, mostly the leads. Laura Dern, Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum, and of course Bob Peck. I could keep going, but all of these leads were the reason why this is one of my all time favorite movies. I seriously can't name one scene in the original movie I don't like. This is a film with characters that are so good with each other you can't help but root for them.

4) The score.

- John Williams was the master of conducting a score to a movie. Who doesn't get chills whenever the chopper is first arriving on the island, or when the T-rex saved the day at the end? I still remember instantly getting excited when I heard the original theme slowly get played in the background for the Jurassic World trailer. Such a beautiful soundtrack that I play all the time on vinyl. I urge anyone to grab the Mondo release to this soundtrack.

3) Jeff Goldblum

- The odd sexual awakening I think every child had seeing this movie in the early 90's. Who's more boss than Goldblum, and having his character chew up every single scene he's in. Between his odd ball laugh, his dark sunglasses, his reactions basically being the audience's reactions, and of course his open shirt scene that strangely is just thrown in there. I can't really explain it, but it certainly did make me feel a few different things back in the day. Still does. Sadly his laughable and awesome character was ruined in the sequel. I forever and always will remember him as the asshole breathing into the camera asking Hammond is there are any dinosaurs on the dinosaur tour?

2) One of the most quotable films of all time.

- You seriously can't just pick one. In fact dare I say it, it very well might be one of the most quotable action/adventure films of all time. These quotes are so popular they are featured on artwork, on tattoos, and even uttered whenever a group of fans of the movie are sitting together. "They move in herds, they do move in herds…" "Shoot her!", "BINGO dino DNA!" "Life finds a way." "Hold onto your butts!" and of course "Clever girl…"

1) Muldoon.

- At least this is my #1 reason on why this film rocks. My all time favorite character is Robert Muldoon (played by the late and brilliant Bob Peck) Muldoon's character seriously steals the show in both the novel and the movie. In my eyes this dude is the Quint of dinosaurs. He's the only one with balls enough to call Hammond out on his bullshit, dresses like a boss, carries a bad ass gun, has the most insane muscular legs ever, and utters one of the most famous lines in the movie as well as having one of the greatest deaths and final words spoken ever in a movie. I loved this character so much after seeing Jurassic World this past summer, I decided to pay tribute to him by getting his character tattooed on me. 1993 up in here bitches!

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