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Sequels that should have happened. Part 1

 Sequels that should have happened. Part 1
There are so many sequels that sadly became stuck in development Hell. They either were rumors that floated around for years, or just never got off the ground. Here is a brief list of some horror sequels that I personally truly wish would have happened…

Night Of The Creeps 2
- It's such a shame that Fred Dekker's films didn't get the love they deserve in their time. Now both Night Of The Creeps and The Monster Squad are beloved cult classics. With the film's original ending, it seriously was left open for a sequel. Originally Tom Atkins' character somehow survives the explosion and his walking corpse collapses on the street causing little creeps to burst out and travel to the local graveyard. That's when a spotlight shines down showing the spaceship from the beginning. I would have LOVED a sequel be made via 1989 or so bringing back the surviving characters and who knows maybe somehow Tom Atkins. I would have loved to see the entire town becoming alien zombies while Chris and Cynthia are forced to battle them out all over again. "Sigh…" if only…

The real Hills Have Eyes 2
- We all know the production of The Hills Have Eyes 2 was a complete mess. The studio was rushing the late Wes Craven, and after the money ran out, and the filming of A Nightmare On Elm Street began, it was officially over. With thrown together flashbacks, a plot that makes zero sense, and yes…a dog having a flashback, the original Hills Have Eyes 2 was a hot, hot, hot mess. I feel had Wes been given the time he needed he really could have made the movie just as down right brutal as the original. First off I would have been the stars Bobby and Brenda. I would have kept that Ruby aka Rachel is now married to Bobby and yes they do run a motorbike garage. I would have that Bobby is plauged with horrible nightmares and PTSD. After years of therapy, he's forced to go back to the same desert with his sister and now wife to face his fears. I would keep him taking some of his bike crew with him since they are headed to a race later that week. Camping out for the night these teens are picked off one by one while Bobby thinks all of this is happening in his head. I would have a better reason behind why the villains are back and maybe even bring back some brand new ones. I just would have loved to see a brand new sequel with Bobby and Brenda older, together again, and blowing shit up again. Is it too much to ask?!

Waxwork 3 - Through The Gates Of Time
- Man oh man, oh man. This is out of all the sequels to be, the one I would seriously give up years of my life to see made. Another film where rumors of it happening floated around. In fact recently I even read in an interview with Zach Galligan there was even an idea rolling around of maybe there being a Waxwork TV series! All I know about this sequel was that it was supposed to bring Mark and Sarah back and this time them helping Merlin (…) in being able to save the world by stumbling into new worlds. Sign me the HELL up! In fact somebody even made this killer poster that's been floating around the internet for years now. Guys, we all know Stacy…if she could have seen a Waxwork 3 get made her life would have been complete. PS. Fuck the remake. Oooo did I say that?

The Friday the 13th prequel. 
- Words honestly can't capture the disappointment I felt after seeing the Friday the 13th remake. Sure we all know the story, but why not go back to the film's roots? I would have made the movie back in 1979 or 1980 following a group of teens getting Camp Crystal Lake ready for it's new opening in almost twenty years. I would of had these murders down right brutal, all practical and insane while still paying tribute to the greatest hits of the first four films. The killer wears a hockey mask, maybe even a sack via part II (switching back and forth.) I would of had one of the councilors named Pam who's a little older. Of course we all know who she is, but in the end we learn she was the single teen mother of the poor disabled boy who drowned. Truth is I would shake things up and have it that she was crazy and used to abuse Jason so he ran away from her and for years living in the woods while she thought he drowned and went crazy. For once we could have a crazy strong female villain. Arghhhh why don't they do ideas like this? That remake was shit!

The Lost Girls.
- Oh The Lost Girls…I still remember doing a blind buy and getting The Lost Boys 2 on DVD and being sooooo excited for this release. Well guess what? It took a GIANT shit on my face. I didn't even bother to see part III. I remember this was the summer of the two Corey's since that hot mess of a show was on as well as me meeting them at Monster Mania. It was HORRIBLE. I would have gotten Joel back and let him go nuts (even tho those Batman movies…yikes) Still I would have trusted him to take complete control. This would should have been made 20 years later in 2007 and brought brand new fresh faces. Maybe have Michael and Star's orphaned daughter after the two died in a car wreck move in with her uncle Sam. (who is a surf instructor and still good friends with the frog brothers who run their comic store.) I would of had her falling into the wrong gang of girls who just so happen to be vampires seeking revenge. Sounds stupid but guess what…would have been ten times better than the hot mess of a movie we got. God…it truly was horrible.

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