Saturday, September 5, 2015

Recap on flea market scores!

 Recap on flea market scores!
As I lay on my couch, laid up with rib pain, I'm passing my time blogging wishing I was elsewhere. "cries" Anywho, I thought today was the best time to recap on some of the best scores of things I bought or picked up at stores and flea markets over the summer. One of the biggest things I did was hunting for anything that was of interest of mine while going to yard sales and flea marketing. All of these items I scores for pretty good prices and had a blast hunting for them!

- This was one of my last big bang scores. I went full hog with this haul. First off I was able to buy doubles to lots of horror themed magazines I all ready own since as Fangoria, Toxic, and Gorezone. I did this to simply re-sell or be able to use for future craft projects of mine. Plus I always do send killer care packages and you never know when a fun back issue of a horror magazine might pop into one of them! I also cleaned up with novels based off movies all for 50 cents! I was able to snag books based off such films as The Terminator, Jaws The Revenge (…), Christine (another killer issue!), The Fan, even Magic and Child's Play 2! I also got these killer retro dinosaurs you can grow in water! Jurassic Park all up in my house this fall!

This haul was mostly of killer magazines that were in mint condition even having the pull out magazines still inside them! I was able to grab Buckaroo on VHS for a friend of mine, as well as a great copy of a horror novel I all ready own but would love to give somebody someday called Deadly Friend (not to be mistaken with the Wes craven movie.) The best score I found was the Freddy's Dead comic book in 3D!

I was able to snag this trading card set of Dinosaurs Attack for just a dime! I love Dinosaurs and a friend of mine mentioned how brutal and awesome these cards were. just glad I didn't forget and eat the gum! Yikes!

- 7 year old Stacy would be so proud. I love these mini retro figures (so much I'm even making my own now!) I was able to snag a Hooper one from Jaws and the T1000 from T2. Two childhood favorite movies of mine! I love I got the T1000 that's all frozen. 

- Another massive magazine haul. Found tons of Fangorias, as well as a few special Twin Peaks themed ones. I also got another paperback issue of Cujo, and a creepy horror novel called Child's Play (not to be mistaken with the movie.) I got Future Kill, Eye Of The Demon, and Summer School on VHS tape. My favorite score was the Time magazine with the raptors on it when jurassic Park came out!

- Just a small section of some of the horror magazines I've been collecting this summer. I could wallpaper a whole room!

- Wasn't crazy impressed with this haul, magazines as always, two cut VHS tapes of Ghoulies 4 and Jack Frost (for my friend John) I also got two horror novels, and a cool issue of Fangoria when Jurassic Park was released!

These weren't flea market scores, but two of my favorite scores of the summer. Shortly after getting my killer Jurassic Park themed tattoo I discovered the stunning Mondo release based off the classic 1993 film. I think we all know what a huge Mildoon fan I am so seeing artwork with him and those legs made my day! Also was able to pick up the soundtrack on vinyl which was a favorite of mine to listen to over the summer. #clevergirl

- One of the first scores of the summer. Got great issues of Fangoria, Toxic, Slaughter house (loved the Jason cover) as well as a Freddy themed one. I was able to get Nightbreed, The Stepfather 3, Killer Party, The Curse, Something Wicked Comes This Way, and of course Jurassic Park on tape!

- Ah, my favorite item. I think we know why ;) #Galliganproblems. I own 3 of these…one of which I turned into Mark Loftmore from Waxwork.

- Was able to get Spontaneous Combustion, Dangerously Close, Dopperganger, Daddy's Girl, Lurkers, The Guardian, Far from Home and Lisa on VHS. I was also able to snag Deadly Harvest and Pin on paperback, as well as several killer issues on Fangoria. Had a blast reading these magazines and watching these tapes!

- Last but not least a mini VHS haul of mine I did at both Bullmoose (thanks Nate for spotting these while we were walking out), and flea marketing. My favorite score has to be the original Brain Damage VHS tape. Love that artwork!

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