Sunday, September 13, 2015

Horror Movie questions with Thomas Bryce!

Horror Movie questions with Thomas Bryce!

Last week I posted several Halloween/horror themed questions and asked some fellow bloggers as well as friends to post their own answers. My first batch came from one of my all time favorite blogs Shit Movie Fest, run by the ever so awesome Thomas Bryce. I have been blogger friends with Mr. Bryce for several years. In fact he's one of the main reasons why I got into blogging for our shared love of movies good and bad. I've been lucky enough to write three times for his annual Shitmass, and even was able to chill with him for a while at Chiller in 2013. (I still wanna scream since I left and he later on got to chill with Zach Galligan at the bar all night. "shakes fist up at the sky.") Anywho, Thomas is a beyond interesting fella, and here are his answers to my Halloween/Horror challenge. Please message me yours so I can post them up!

1) Favorite item in your collection?
I can go back and forth on this one but my favorite thing in my collection is my “”! 

I been collecting Gill-man stuff my whole life and try to add to it by bringing something new home from each Horror Con I attend!

2) Favorite Scream Factory release?
“Class of 1984”
It’s my all time favorite movie and this release was everything that I could possibly ask for!!

3) Favorite DVD/blu-ray release from another company so far this year?
That “Society” release from Arrow Video was pretty insane! Up to the point of buying that release I alway wanted to see that movie but could never find a copy . . . well thanks to Arrow I got an amazing release of a movie that I have since watched a few times now since buying it! Besides all the cool special features one comes to expect from Arrow the box art it’s self is beyond awesome due to the fact it has a weird bumpy texture to it!

4) DVD/Blu-ray set or collection you are hoping to buy?
Looking forward to “I Spit On Your Grave 3” next month!

5) Favorite vinyl release?
The “Halloween 2” release from “Death Waltz” with the Cool Myers Nurse art!

6) Favorite person you've met at a convention?
Not a guest but Jason Price and Steve Johnson from! I meet these two guy at the hotel bar at my very first Monster Mania and over the years they became two of my closet friends!

7) Somebody you've yet to meet but know you would be beyond overwhelming seeing at a show?
Kevin Bacon if he ever did a Con I was at!

8) Horror movie you love but everyone hates?
“Child’s Play 3”, it’s my favorite of the series but I always see a lot people say it’s the worst of the Chucky movies!

9) Favorite horror themed T-shirt?'s Pumpkinhead shirt!

10) Top 5 favorite slashers?
1. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
2. Halloween 4
3. Terror Train
4. Pieces
5. Happy Birthday to Me

11) 5 fairly unknown movies you highly recommend?
1. Pulse (1988)
2. Miracle Mile
3. Thief
4. The Incubus
5. 10 To Midnight

12) Favorite thing to do around the fall?
Horror Cons, Haunted Hay Rides, and Halloween Parties

13) Favorite kill ever in a horror movie?
The Highway Pileup in Final Destination 2

14) Favorite movies that get you into the Halloween mood?
Halloween 1 - 4, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Idle Hands

15) Favorite Halloween candy?
Not really a candy person pre-say but I these . . .

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