Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Horror movie questions with Chad E. Young!

 Horror movie questions with Chad. E. Young!

I'll be the first to admit. There are really just a handful of blogs I truly follow. A few years back I discovered my brother from another mother Chad when I saw his awesome blog

Doing a killer winter contest. It wasn't long before I saw that me and Chad were a lot alike with our outlooks on the horror community, humor, and yes film. Chad is one of the most laid back bloggers I know and writes for all the right reasons.

For fun.

Chad and I are currently working on trying to jump start a podcast series once all of our ducks are in a line. Until then, Chad decided to take me up on my Halloween/Horror Challenge and gave some truly kick ass answers!

1) Favorite item in your collection? It's a threeway tie! My autographed Elm Street poster, my photo signed by the four vampires in Lost Boys(yes, including Kiefer! I met him in NYC!) and my MIB Matchbox Talking Freddy that still works! If there was a fire, those are the first 2) Favorite Scream Factory release? Sadly, I don't own a lot of Scream releases, but just because it's in my top ten movies of all time, They Live #RIPRoddy 3) Favorite DVD/blu-ray release from another company so far this year? Just because I love how ridiculous it is, Stone Colde starring Brian "The Boz" Bosworth. That said, when I get my act together and finally order the Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 blurays, it'll be a different story. 4) DVD/Blu-ray set or collection you are hoping to buy? Ooops. I guess I answered this question above... 5) Favorite vinyl release? Not a huge vinyl fan/collector, but I have to say I love my Freddy's Greatest Hits album!

6) Favorite person you've met at a convention? Gah! Just ONE?!?!?! You're killing me, Stacy! If I had to pick, Roddy Piper. 7) Somebody you've yet to meet but know you would be beyond overwhelming seeing at a show? Michael Keaton. Doubtful he'd do a show I could attend, so I'd say the cast of the Karate Kid. 8) Horror movie you love but everyone hates? Well, until that Scream relased it, it used to be Halloween 3, but now everyone is on board for that one(which makes me very happy!) so I'd say Exorcist 3. 9) Favorite horror themed T-shirt? Phantom Prowler by Fright Rags. 10) Top 5 favorite slashers? .Elm Street(as a series, including Freddy vs Jason) Sleepaway Camp(entire series) House On Sorority Row Silent Night Deadly Night Child's Play 2 11) 5 fairly unknown movies you highly recommend? The Sender, Slaughter High(which took me a long time to turn around on but I love it now!), Prom Night 3, Don't Go In The House, Death Spa 12) Favorite thing to do around the fall? Apple cider, leaving the window open and enjoying the feel of the wind blowing in, and of course horror movies on the big screen! 13) Favorite kill ever in a horror movie? The crushing lockers in Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2

14) Favorite movies that get you into the Halloween mood? Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2, NOES 5, Lost Boys, Creepshow 2, the entire Saw series, Halloween 3, Silent Night Deadly Night, 15) Favorite Halloween candy? Reeses. But I eat Reeses all year round so it's a given!!!!!!

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