Saturday, August 15, 2015

Witchboard drinking game

 Witchboard drinking game.

Thanks to my friend Jeanette, five or so years ago I re-discovered my love for the 1986 supernatural classic Witchboard. Now as one of my top twenty favorite movies of all time, it's a must to watch almost any time of year. Witchboard is a great, beautifully shot horror movie with likable characters, memorable quotes "Just a little psychic humor!" and of course a killer soundtrack. I have found myself more than once rocking out to "Bump in the night." whenever I'm stuck in traffic. I have found myself watching this movie a few times this summer since it's stunning California locations scream nothing but bright sunny weather. So grab a Ouija board, hop into your jeep, and head on down to Big Bear Lake before beginning my epic Witchboard drinking game. A must to play at least once this summer!

Drink when…
  • Whenever the names "Jim" or "Linda" are spoken.
  • When there's a shot of somebody using the Ouija board.
  • Whenever somebody says the name "David"
  • Zarabeth laughs.

Take a shot when…
  • When somebody dies.
  • "Bump in the night." plays over the soundtrack.
  • Whenever Lt. Dewhurst mentions magic.

Waterfall when…
  • Linda gets attacked in the shower.
  • Tim falls backwards in slow motion.

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