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Walker Stalker Boston 2015

 Walker Stalker Boston 2015

As of lately, I have really taken a back seat to attending conventions. Between work, and other stuff I honestly haven't had the time. In fact, as crazy as this sounds, the last show I attended was actually last year's Rock & Shock. It's been a bummer that I haven't been able to travel out to HorrorHound to work, but I'm going to see if time will allow if that's possible next spring. Still, with this year's Rock & Shock coming up with myself and a friend vending at a table, I decided to get my feet wet a little bit at the end of this summer, and see what's cooking show wise in the area. Last spring I was unable to make it out to HorrorHound, which totally killed me since Mr. Zach Galligan was attending as a guest. Lucky for me my good friend Jeanette took a video of him telling me that he was indeed coming to Walker Stalker Boston in August and that he would see be there. As pretty much everyone knows, I'm a MASSIVE Galligan fan. I have met him several times, but this event was uber important since last spring I got him tattooed on me from my all time favorite Tales From The Crypt episode "Strung Along". Zach had seen the tattoo via twitter, but I wanted him to take a look at it in person. "Nerd snort."

I also was very interested since several cast members from Lost were attending. Lost is one of my top three favorite shows of all time. Knowing I could have the chance to meet some of my favorite island survivors tickled me pink.

Time passed and finally I was lucky enough to head down to Boston yesterday with my friend Mike. Now to get this out of the way, I'm sadly not a huge Walking Dead fan. I've watched up until season 3. The show has some great moments, and as a makeup artist I love the effects. Sadly I sorta lost interest since the characters for the most part are very unlikeable. I'm sure I'll catch up once season 5 happens and the entire 4th season comes on netflix. Until then, ehhhh. Still, I was very surprised by how this show was run. It was nowhere near as huge as HorrorHound, but I feel with Norman not being there it wasn't as crazy. In fact none of the lines were bad at all. Not even for the Breaking Bad people. In fact I was downright stunned by the line up they had. 

The show was set up pretty nicely, in fact it was held at a hotel I had stayed at in the city a few years before. There were rooms all over the place and the crowds overall weren't that bad. The vendors sadly didn't do it for me. I usually go to these things with a ton of cash ready to spend. Instead I walked through a few times and really wasn't impressed. For the first time ever in convention history I left a show without buying one single item. And guess what? Totally fine with that.

Instead I was interested in meeting people. Sadly for the most part all of the Lost people besides Nestor Carbonell canceled. Still, Nestor was the main reason I wanted to go to this vent along with seeing Galligan again. Nestor played Richard, my favorite character on Lost. He's been a huge actor appearing in the Dark Knight films, Smokin Aces, and of course the brilliant Bates Motel. I was stunned to see there were only three people ahead of me to meet him. I was nervous of course, but I decided I just wanted a photo with him. Nestor was an awesome guy. I talked briefly with him about how great it was that he was on Bates Motel since I always said he would of made the perfect Norman for the 1998 remake. I then told him how much this meant to me meeting him since my late mother and I used to watch this show non-stop. Nestor seemed honestly touched and gave me the biggest hug ever. We snapped a few photos, he talked about how he went to school up here and I left a very happy fan. Class act boys and girl. Meet him for sure!

"It's nice to see you finally out of those chains Richard." - That line gives me chills every time.

Next we browsed around for a while, meeting up with my friend John. We hung around for a bit and I sadly didn't get a chance to meet Denise Crosby since I didn't stick around very long afterwards. Denise is best known as playing Rachel the mother from Pet Sematary. She's one of the few cast members I've yet to meet and would have loved to show her my Church tattoo as well as cry over how much I loved her in the TV series Key West. Sadly every time I went to stroll over to her table she was doing photo ops so I guess next time "oh snap."

I did end up seeing Galligan again. It's so stupid but even after all these times I still fan girl. Galligan as always was a class act, gave great hugs, and was uber friendly to chat. I asked about up coming shows he would be going to in the area, and I gave him a copy of the amazing Waxwork 2 print Travis Falligant. I had him sign my own personal print of this custom artwork, as well as a sick and rare Mortal Passions lobby card I have. Zach told the woman working at his table that I always have the best and unique things for him to sign. Couldn't agree any more Zach. Just you wait until next time.

I look eighty in this photo. Bye now...

Zach snapped photos of my tattoo of him and I ended up not having him sign my leg to get tattooed since I would rather have my own personal artist do it from a copy from an autograph. I'm not about to drop 80$ to have some shitty tattoo artist tattoo his name that I would have to hurry and get done that same day. Thanks but no thanks. I of course did the Waxwork barrier pose with him and said my goodbye. Zach, I'll be seeing you this November! Love ya!

We hung out a little afterwards, looked around then left. Was it worth the steep ticket price. Ehhhh. Still it had been a while since I attended a show and was able to meet two amazing actors. A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon all and all.

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