Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Nightbreed collection. May the tribes of the moon embrace this. Chronicles

 My Nightbreed collection. May the tribes of the moon embrace this.

There's really not a lot about Nightbreed that reminds one of summer. In fact I always play this movie over and over again on a loop around October. Yet, with the final line up for my summer line ip, I decided to choose one of my all time favorite movies? Why? Because it's a movie I found myself watching quite a few times this summer, and it reminds of of ordering the SE edition of the blu-ray last summer in a complete Nightbreed haze.

So tonight I'm briefly posting about some items in my very humble Nightbreed collection. There are a few movies I really love collecting for (John Stockwell movies, Christine, Waxwork, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and Amityville 1992.) Nightbreed is always a riot to collect for since a good chunk of the original items are rare, and always a thrill to find. 

Here is what I got…

1) All original Nightbreed comics as well as the newest series. (A friend of mine bought me the entire original set in one big batch last Christmas. I slowly collected the rest of the comics myself overtime. Gotta admit, super let down with the ending to the new series.)
2) Clive Barker's Nightbreed chronicles. (book)
3) The making of Clive Barker's Nightbreed (book)
4) Two Nightbreed stand ups of the original poster.
5) HorrorHound and Toxic magazine with both Decker and Peloquin on the covers.
6) Two original Nightbreed VHS tapes.
7) Scream Factory's SE poster.
8) Scream Factory's SE blu-ray set. Limited edition. 
9) Nightbreed DVD.
10) Two Nightbreed shirts as well as Fright Rags awesome hoodie.
11) Mini Fangoria Nightbreed cards.
12) Of course my killer Peloquin tattoo. (Tattooed on me by the amazing Shane Murphy)
13) And last but not least my amazing 8X10 photo of Peloquin autographed by Oliver Parker himself! (Friend of mine from England tracked Oliver down. One of my favorite pieces of my collection!)

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