Monday, August 31, 2015

A successful Staystill Summer Sensation

 A successful Staystill Summer Sensation!

Today marks the last day of the epic 11 week event. Staystill Summer Sensation! Back in mid May I noticed I really noticed I had been falling behind with my blog. I started this blog way back in 2012 and  it personally is a complete riot to do. Some people blog for attention, others to become "internet famous". I on the other hand did this blog mostly for me. I post about movies and subjects I love, and like talking to other people who share the same passion and interest. For going on 4 years now I've had the pleasure of interviewing actors, writers, directors, and fellow fans. I've made up drinking games, lists, reviews, and even covered conventions. For this summer I wanted to pay tribute to this fun little blog of mine in trying to post nearly every day on movies that remind me or are set during the summer. And so Summer Sensation was born.

I am quite proud of how I kept up with this blog as busy as I've been this summer. I had tons of fun, and covered some truly awesome movies! So I want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has kept reading my posts, and followed this blog. I have big things planned for this fall so stay tuned!

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