Monday, June 22, 2015

Valley Girl (1983)

 Valley Girl (1983)
Nothing says the summer more than watching a totally bitching 80's movie that is responsible for some of the lingo people used for the better part of that decade. Featuring a 1983 take of West Side Story or even better Romeo and Juliet (minus the killing and tragedy) Valley Girl is a feel good movie that's a must to watch whenever the weather turns warm.

In tonight's post I feature a Where Are They Now? Segment. Of course Valley Girl features some amazing actors, but the true shinning star in this movie isn't Nic Cage, but the female star Deborah Foreman. Deborah played the adorable Julie, who was the sweet beautiful young teenager who dressed awesome and fell for the punk rocker Randy. Deborah was responsible for some of the best lines in this movie, and captures a sweetness I honestly don't think anyone else could top.

Deborah went on to star in many other popular movies such as Real Genius, My Chauffeur, April Fools Day, and of course my personal favorite Waxwork. Forever and always I will see Deborah falling into different worlds with Zach Galligan as Sarah Brightman. In fact last year I had the pleasure of meeting her at HorrorHound and she was by far one of the coolest sweetest people I've met. I'm still in awe over how amazing she was.

Deborah was a model turned actress who continued to star in feature films before moving up to the stunning Big Bear Lake area and splitting her time teaching yoga and creating her company P.O.W Jewels which features breathtaking pieces of art. 

So if you want to spend a cool night in on a hot summer night, sit on down to Valley Girl or better yet check out P.O.W Jewels to order some killer amazing jewelry today!

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