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Ten reasons why Summer School (1987) is awesome!

Ten reasons why Summer School (1987) is awesome!
If somebody asked me what was one of my favorite all time non-horror movies my answer would be simple.

Summer School.

This movie is "the" summer movie about likable screw ups and I'm going to explain why I love this film so…

10) The zany soundtrack
- The Summer School soundtrack is one of my all time favorites and thanks to a good friend I own it on vinyl! Featuring artist such as Blondie, and Oingo Boingo every song featured in this film is beyond catchy!

9) The LA/Beach setting
- Nothing says summer more than a movie taking place on the sunny beaches of California. Somehow this movie stays away from what really downtown LA looks like and keeps it bright and cheery showing the adorable high school, and of course Shoop's awesome beach side cabin where his fish suffers the terrible fate of Chainsaw and Dave's 4th of July fire crackers. Should have kept with the mellon bombs...

8) The awesome characters
- Chainsaw, Dave, Kevin, Pam, Denise, Rhonda, Alan, Robin, and yes Shoop. Oh and don't forget the guy who spent the entire summer in the bathroom. These characters are classic screw ups for the most part but beyond likable. Whenever you watch Summer School you feel like you are hanging with friends. By far the funniest coolest class of 80's teens I could think of!

7) The fact Shoop eats the whole movie.
- A huge minor detail I always get a kick out of is the fact that Shoop seriously eats in nearly every scene in the entire movie. Between donuts, apples, PBJ without bread, and even what appears to be a whole pie cracks me up. If you ever turn this into a drinking game, make it a rule to drink whenever he's shown eating, trust me you'll be wasted!

6) PG13 of the 1980's.
- It's pretty laughable to think this was aimed for a younger audience. If a remake was ever done today I know for a fact half of the things they said and got away with wouldn't fly. Between the lesson is swearing and gestures, and Chainsaw and Dave's gory effects, this film is a complete riot. In fact I'm sure I speak for many who have worked in effects or love gore, this movie was a huge reason behind this love. One of my favorite scene is the classroom massacre moments.

5) Chainsaw's room
- Chainsaw's bedroom I'm sure reminds us fellow horror nerds of our very own bedrooms growing up. This room, which is featured only in two brief scenes is complete and utter eye candy. One day I would love time freeze framing it and looking at every single little detail shown. Between the killer masks, props, and Jaws movie posters, this is a room I give total and utter respect to!

4) Wondermutt
- This isn't my dog! It's a beach dog! Who says a dog isn't a man's best friend? Wondermutt is by far one of the coolest dog's ever featured in a  film and gets the honor of wearing some killer shades on the soundtrack cover. Wondermutt has a taste for PBJ, long walks on the beach, and of course his toy head named Bob.

3) Mind Over Matter
- One of the more popular songs featured on the soundtrack is by actress, singer, and voice over actor E.G Daily best known for her work in Valley Girl, The Devil's Rejects, and Pee Wee's Big Adventure. This killer tune made for the movie plays when the cast takes the test. I will forever and always think of this song whenever I see people testing. Beyond awesome.

2) Shoop
- Hum, how do I sum up one of the most perfect men ever? Simple…Shoop. A complete kid at heart, Shoop became a teacher for all the right reasons. June, July, and August. Laid back, adorable, a snazzy dresser, and somebody that for no reason at all visits male strip clubs, he sums up perfection perfectly. If he's not teaching kids English and granting wishes, he's lending out his car, hanging with his beach dog, or going to jail on roller skates. Classy man!

1) Chainsaw and Dave.
- This movie is filled with colorful and awesome characters. The two standouts by far have to be the two horror nuts Chainsaw and Dave that steal the entire movie. Between the essay about Rick Baker, the screening of TCM, or being the team behind the classroom massacre, they are the sort of dudes you wish you knew in school. "Enough with safe and sane, time for dumb and dangerous."

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