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Key West - A television show taken too soon.

 Key West - A television show taken too soon.

PLOT - A young factory worker wins the lottery, and instantly decides to drive down to Key West to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer. Shortly after arriving, he learns that money isn't exactly everything (student loans strike again!) and that he can still become a writer despite whatever is thrown at him. Meeting some wonderful strange characters, his writing becomes to take on a life of it's own.

LOWDOWN - I first discovered Key West back in 2008 after I watched The Burning for the very first time. This 1981 classic camp slasher had some then unknowns that went on to become huge stars of their own such as Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander, and of course the ever so adorable Fisher Stevens. What can I say? I love Jewish guys. Fisher Stevens is just one of those actors you somehow always know. He's that guy who's in that movie, and somehow his name always escapes your mind. Fisher has starred in such classics such as My Science Project, Short Circut 1&2, Hackers, Super Mario Brothers, Awake, and of course one of my all time favorite shows Early Edition (I believe I'm the only person under 50 who really likes that show.) Any who, while watching other films of his, I discovered the shortly lived Fox show Key West that came out in 1993.  

Key West was canceled sadly after only one season (a mere handful of episodes, I believe 13 maybe all together?) Still the show gained a cult following and being shot on actual location and featuring such stars as Denise Crosby, and Jennifer Tilly. Being extremely over the top with it's batch of colorful characters, beautiful women, haunting theme music, stunning locations of the actual island, and of course Mr. Stevens as the lead. 

With huge nods to Hemingway, as well as episodes based on real events (such as Hurricane Andrew) The show wasn't afraid to be sexual, or shy away from anything. It had it's tender moments, tons of comedy, as well as addressing real issues. It has a strange surreal magical feel to it, as well as really being as one way to simply put it as just plain beautiful. Now I've never visited Key West, but from what I hear this is a pretty actuate way of showing what it's sorta like. The show dealt with racial issues, sex, affairs, loss, love, death, betrayal, and even dolphins falling in love!

I was lucky enough to get the entire season on bootleg, and it's a must to watch almost every summer. In fact, I believe almost every episode is now on YouTube. Still having a huge following, it's truly amazing to see that Fisher Stevens (now an Oscar winner) had the personalty to carry such a fun show. Sadly like so many others, it was canceled before we could see what new adventures the people is Key West could get into. A dream of mine would love to see a remake of the show and see if you could carry. Netflix. I'm talking to you!

5 stars!

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