Friday, December 5, 2014

Killer stocking stuffers!

Killer stocking stuffers!

It's that oh so magical time of the year again. The shitty horrible cold snowy weather is here, the malls are packed, and Stacy drinks enough spiked egg nog to kill a small army. In honor of this magical month here are my top five choices of killer companies/artist to shop from for killer gift ideas this season.

London 1888

My good friend Chris Ott's company London 1888 has been a favorite of mine for years. Chris is a crazy talented artist who makes some of the best prints around. I own several pieces of this guy's work and love every single one. In fact just last week I ordered a KILLER Dream Warriors poster from him. Chris has been expanding on doing designs for Freddy dolls, banners, and even hoodies. A great site filled with goodies.


The boys over at VHSPS are truly some of my favorites. Meeting them back at Monster Mania in 2011, it was movie love at first sight. These guys truly are amazing and carry almost every single out of print and hard to find movie on the planet. Not only did they release Dangerously Close for me after I hounded them enough, they also put plenty of love and care into every order I got from them. At one show I couldn't make it at, the guys got a great photo of Deborah Foreman and Zach Galligan saying hi to me. "Nerd snort". Between making great custom discs for me, and being a must to always visit whenever they are vending at a show, VHSPS will and forever be one of the best sites to order movies from. Love those catchy songs on the menus!

Don't Eat The Gum
Don't Eat The Gum is a recent vendor I discovered about a year or so ago. A table packed with tons of old school trading cards from such classics as Tales From The Crypt, Gremlins, and T2 I felt like a girl of 8 years old again as I looked all over these cute little items, and of course the stale cardboard pieces of gum. In fact I even scored a nice little package that's coming my way from these guys that I ordered on Black Friday. Nothing is better than sticking classic trading cards in different people's holiday gifts!

Shout Factory
Love or hate them, Shout Factory has honestly been the #1 company in releasing classic titles of the past for the last several years. I'm a massive fan of Shout Factory and have been collecting their releases for the last few years. With brand new stunning blu-rays with tons of new extras, features, and artwork, I'm hook line and sinker. I really am that idiot that re buys the same movies over and over again. It's like crack. In fact just the last few month I haven't even been able to keep track with how many amazing releases they have done. Mostly with the Nightbreed and Lord Of Illusions releases. Very proud to say nearly 90% of my blu-rays are all from Shout/Scream Factory.

Pink Pandemonium
My lovely friend Lesley has this amazing little Etsy shop which is my go-to place to order custom jewelry. I've been ordering from Lesley since 2011 or so and all of my favorite pieces of unique jewelry all comes from her. I mean who else can say they have Sam Raimi and Waxwork earrings? People always stop to comment whenever I'm wearing pieces of work from her, and have gotten complements almost every time I'm at a show.


It wouldn't be a post without me whoring myself out. Come on down to my Facebook page and check out or ask about custom artwork you can order now!

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