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Rock & Shock recap - 2014

 Rock & Shock recap - 2014

This weekend's show is my 8th Rock & Shock, which is pretty cool since Rock & Shock was my very first convention I ever attended. This show has held some good memories for me since I brought my late mother to two of the shows, have met a lot of amazing friends, and have had some pretty good times there. Is it the best show ever? Hell no! In fact there was a bit of a slump for a few years where the show really went down hill. Still it's the only real local show around, and it's a way to spend the afternoon and have some fun in MA every October. Last year really restored my faith in the show (even though the guests always seem the same and are NEVER that impressive. Still, the vendors seemed to step up, and overall I really enjoyed myself finally going to a few movie screenings and Q&A panels. This year I went with my good friend Mike and the two of us pretty much just fucked around enjoying the afternoon before we planned on heading up to NH.

This year I decided to meet two guests.

The first is the ever so adorable Linnea Quigley. I'm a big fan of Linnea from her classics such as Silent Night Deadly Night, Graduation Day, Return Of The Living Dead, Night Of The Demons, Witchtrap, A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master, and Innocent Blood. As strange as this sounds a huge reason why I'm a big fan of Linnea is because she was once married to makeup artist Steve Johnson. Even though the marriage didn't last long, I found them adorable and loved whenever these two moved together. (Did Stacy do an airbrush painting of the two taken on their wedding day? Maybe... -  no creepy at all) Linnea was a total sweetheart (so tiny!) and I told her how much I enjoyed her cameo and scream in Innocent Blood (where she had a cameo with then husband Steve Johnson.) I then got serious for a second and told her about how I fully supported her issue with trying to get funds to save her parent's house this summer. Linnea told me she was originally embarrassed about asking and I told her she shouldn't be. I explained how I lost my mother and how if I was ever in that spot I would do anything I could to save her home. Linnea was very sweet and really seemed to like the fact that I told her that this summer I even stuck up for her on a Podcast back when all that stupid drama was going around on supporting her right to ask for help. I had Linnea sign my new Scream Factory blu-ray since I'm in love with the artwork. Sure there's like 10 other things I would have had her sign but today I felt the blu-ray was the best choice. Linnea was super sweet and a must to meet at conventions!

Mike and I walked the convention floor a few times, running into some friends such as Nate, Meg and her adorable kids, Joel, John, and of course my awesome tattoo artist Shane. As for my haul I decided to treat myself a bit this year.

I got a few issues of Fangoria, 3 fucking amazing Terminator dolls. (I mean why not have a Sarah Connor and Kyle Reece doll? Hellooooo?!!!), some bootlegs from my friends at VHSPS. I got Monkey Shines, The Willies,  a new Rejuvenator disc (my old one broke), Creature From The Black Lake, and A Nightmare On Elm Street mega disc which has a bunch of behind the scenes footage on. Mike got the entire series of Freddy's Nightmares.

Meg supplied me with some awesome Honey Island Swamp soap bars (so I can smell like the swamp!), and a stunning Nightbreed shirt featuring Joel's stunning artwork that now graces the new SE Nightbreed covers.

Shane also gave me two stunning prints. One from Trick R Treat, the other from Evil Dead II. I also loved seeing my Raimi tattoo in his book. Shane, you are one talented bastard!

I didn't make it to any pannels or Q&A's since Mike and I were in a hurry, plus I was beginning to really feel sick (coming down with yet another cold), but I waited until finally Mrs. Chris McCorkindale came from Nightbreed. Chris was a sweetheart who signed my new Nightbreed disc, and knew me right away from Facebook. She loved my Peloquin tattoo my sadly didn't remember much about Mr. Oliver Parker (dammit!) she did talk about their cut love scene and how while filming they had to keep chasing after all those snakes!)

Last but not least I treated myself to a Freddy figure from my favorite Elm street sequel The Dream Master with all the souls bursting out of his chest.

Finally I had enough and began really feeling those con germs, Mike and I hauled ass out, but over all had a fun time. Who knows next year I may do a table, but seeing everyone and being able to meet some great people was worth it. Rock & Shock was a great time and I only look forward to next year!

Galligan is everywhere!

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