Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 19 - of 31 scenes of terror - Waxwork (1988)

Day 19 - of 31 scenes of terror - Waxwork (1988)

The 19th day of 31 scenes of terror comes from my all time favorite movie.


I have blogged, written, and spoke about how much I adore this movie so of course it was a MUST to add to my list. The scene not only is from my all time favorite movie, but one of my all time favorite scenes in general.

Waxwork is a fun very ahead of it's time horror fest that pays tribute to many classics that came before. With a likable cast, great effects, and one hell of a showdown it was kinda hard to pin point which scene would make the list.

So I went with the best.

Mark Loftmore (Zach Galligan) is thrown into one of the wax musuem displays. Paying tribute to the classic black and white Night Of The Living Dead, Mark stumbles into a dark graveyard with crowds of flesh eating zombies slowly chasing after them. Fighting his way out, he chops one of the zombie's hands off with a rock before running to the gates. Here the movie's best effect happens. Mark goes to walk out when he's stopped. It seems there's an invisible barrier that traps the victims inside so they just can't escape. Mark feels along the wall, trapped before it dawns on him that the key to getting out is not to believe in these monsters so they can't kill him.

Great thinking Galligan!

As you can tell, I'm a pretty big fan of this scene...

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