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Nightbreed SE review

 Nightbreed SE review

Last week I was giddy with excitement when I pulled into my driveway and a package sent from Shout Factory resting between my porch and front door. Right away like a kid on Christmas I ran inside and got a knife to open it. 

Long story short...

It was beautiful.

Way back this summer when I first heard about Shout Factory being the lucky ones to re-release this Clive Barker classic, I knew it was in the right hands. For years and I mean YEARS the uncut version of this film has been floating in limbo. Finally after lots of hard work and passion the film was restored as was Barker's vision. I myself have always been a huge Nightbreed fan. In fact I've always really loved Clive Barker's work (mostly Lord Of Illusions) so I've always wanted to know what was really missing from this movie that all ready in my eyes seemed perfect. This film holds a ton of great memories for me. My mother bought me this on DVD (one of the first DVD's I ever owned), I made friends over this movie, and even back at school the first thing I ever sculpted was Dr. Decker. Knowing how highly ahead of it's time this movie was, I didn't regret at all shelling out the extra cash to get the SE of this film. 

The last few weeks I was seriously counting down the days until the blu-ray shipped. Shout began shipping the special orders out sooner than expected so it seemed as if I was on my phone nearly every day checking the tracking number waiting for it to finally ship to Mass. Well Thursday was my lucky day. I legit am sure I'm speaking for so many other people when I say I just simply sat and stared at the artwork (made by my friend Joel who I believe was the perfect artist for the job) and booklet. When I finally popped in the SE director's cut I went on a very wild ride to Midian.

- I'm going to seriously get killed for this, but even though I'm a massive Nightbreed fan, as much as I enjoyed watching the director's cut of the film and being able to see more of the monsters, and the new ending along with several new scenes that truly do shine a new light on the main heart is forever going to be with the original version. The added stuff was good, it explained more, made you truly feel for the characters of Boone and Lori.

Was it amazing? Eh, so-so. The Johnny Get Angry scene was great (can't get that song out of my head!), and I really did love how they extended the huge battle of man vs. monsters in the end. It really did show more of the characters, makeup, and action in the end. Sadly as cool and touching as the ending was, I really didn't feel Ash berry as the new villain. Yes I know they were trying to set it up for a sequel but overall I enjoy Decker rising from the dead again in the original. Still, the director's check showed more heart and I respect and enjoy it.

But I'm glad I have the original version now on blu-ray which is crystal clear.

I mean I even got a tattoo to celebrate this release.

The Extras 
The two main things that brings me to Shout aka Scream Factory time and time again is the new artwork and extras they put for their movies. For Nightbreed they didn't miss a beat making sure the fans would be pleased. I seriously spent all of Thursday getting anything done since I was plowing my way through the documentaries and deleted scenes. The main doc was great, hearing all the interviews, seeing clips of cut scenes, and seeing behind the scenes footage and hearing stories of how this film came to be and the response it's had since then. My favorite of course of talking about the dog Frank and how he would never come when called. I was very bummed out that Oliver Parker was nowhere to be seen which puzzles me since Peloquin is such a popular monster from the movie and the fact Parker is going to be in the Hellraiser documentary. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on being in this film (he really did steal the show) and maybe see stills or footage of him going into makeup. The few clips we do see of him are great. I love the one of him rubbing his neck after he has to thrash his head around, or all the uncut "love" scene which I'm still bullshit didn't make it into the film.

Still the extras, deleted scenes, photos, and commentaries are great. Even the making of monsters and seeing all the makeup tests blew my mind. 

My goal is to slowly try and meet as many people as possible from this film (one down all ready!) and get them to sign this stunning boxset I got.

So did I enjoy the director's cut? Sure.

But I will always love the original version better. For true Barker and Nightbreed fans I can't urge you enough to embrace the tribes of the moon and buy this!

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