Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 25 of 31 scenes of terror - The Kiss (1988)

Day 25 of 31 scenes of terror - The Kiss (1988) 

It's mind blowing that October is almost gone, which means we're slowly counting down the last few days of 31 scenes of terror. Today's choice comes from a late 80's gem that I first heard about when I saw the trailer at Cooliage on Halloween night. I love back in the day when the studio used to make trailers just for the film instead of showing a bunch of cut clips from it. This awesome scene isn't exactly from the film The Kiss, but from it's awesome trailer.

The movie tells the tale of two young sisters and how years ago when they were traveling with their father over seas they became separated. Here one of the sisters becomes possessed by a demon that hides within her body. One sister stays in the UK while the other returns to the states, always knowing that her something happened to her sister, and whatever lives inside her is evil. Years pass and both women are grown and haven't spoken in years. The sister who returned to the states is happily married with a teenage daughter. One day she receives a call from her estranged sister who's a model in Europe stating that the waiting is over. She needs her daughter in order to survive. Refusing to believe it, the sister leaves to go buy a gun to protect her family but is suddenly killed in a tragic car accident. (one of the most stomach turning gore moments in the entire movie.) 

About a month later the teenage daughter and husband feel lost, both are slowly trying to get over their grief when the mysterious sister appears. She's stunning, interesting, and very creepy. Slowly she starts taking over the house while the teenage daughter senses something isn't right. It appears her aunt wants something.

In fact, she wants a kiss.

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