Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 9 - 31 scenes of terror - Intruder (1989)

Day 9 - 31 scenes of terror - Intruder (1989)

Today's 9th day of 31 scenes of terror comes from my all time favorite slasher movie of all time that features in my eyes the best kill ever shown on screen. 

Intruder is a highly underrated slasher film that sadly fell under the radar at the end of the 1980's when the slasher boom began to die down. After the film was "butchered" with it's key death and gore scenes cut to pieces the film became out of print and only talked about among true hard core gore and horror fans.

For me I first heard about it back in 2008 when my horror collection was featured in HorrorHound magazine. I remember a huge reason why being in this issue was so awesome was because it had that stunning Michael Myers cover as well has had a huge article on some of the best underrated slasher of all time. On this list among likes of Graduation Day, The Burning, and My Bloody Valentine's Day was Intruder. With a lot of the same crew/producers/actors from the Evil Dead films, this film was made on a low budget but became a classic due to it's amazing early KNB effects and featuring acting roles from both Raimi brothers Sam and Ted, and a brief cameo from Bruce Campbell himself. It wasn't until 2011 when I bought the bare bones DVD and it simply sat on my shelf until I staffed HorrorHound that following Novermber and my friend Nate pointed out the flyers they were passing out for the new blu-ray release.

This flyer of course had Sam Raimi hanging from the meathook in all his glory.

Shortly after I watched the movie and fell in love with it, going out and getting it on blu-ray as well as tracking it down on laser disc and VHS as well. As a huge fan of this slasher I even got Sam Raimi tattooed from this movie on my right leg.

If that doesn't show what a fan I am of this scene I don't know what is!

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