Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10 - 31 scenes of terror - Hellbound Hellraiser II (1988)

Day 10 - 31 scenes of terror - Hellbound Hellraiser II (1988)

For the 10th day in 31 scenes of terror I decided to pick a sequel that dare I say it may even be better than the original.

This of course being from Hellbound Hellraiser II.

In 1987 Clive Barker forever changed the world of gothic horror with his masterpiece Hellraiser. The following year the follow up of Hellbound continued the story of the Cotton family, and the most unsettling outlook of the dark, cold, and terrifying of Hell. In the ending, we get a cameo from Mr. Oliver Parker himself. Yep, the same Oliver Parker from Nightbreed (I'm sorta a fan) Oliver was childhood friends with Barker and had a brief cameo in the first Hellraiser, before doing another one for it's sequel yet again playing a moving man. Well that nasty bloody mattress causes even more trouble again when in the ending scene Oliver and another moving man are clearing out boxes in the doctor's empty estate. Looks like the police left behind that "tiny" little piece of evidence which Oliver finds, squats down and touches it. Here a pair of bloody skinless arms reach out and drag him down only to have his friend walk in to find his legs sticking out with the pillar of souls twirling around. The same pillar that brings Pinhead back for part III.

Oh Mr. Parker, even skinless arms wanna hug you!

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