Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 23 of 31 scenes of terror - Psychic (1991)

Day 23 of 31 scenes of terror - Psychic (1991)
The twenty-third scene of terror comes from another highly underrated thriller. A movie that sadly got over shadowed at the era of time it was released in, but still holds up as a great murder mystery even today.

This of course being Psychic.

I had always remembered the uber early 90's cheesy VHS artwork for this movie (it really makes no sense) but finally got around to picking the tape up on a hunt a few years ago right before I flew down to Florida to meet Zach Galligan for the first time. 

I think I speak for myself here saying I'm a massive Galligan fan (I have the man tattooed on me from his episode of Strung Along) and even though I adore the Gremlin movies, I tend to enjoy to more underrated and lesser known films that I feel are classics in their own right (Waxwork 1&2, Mortal Passions, and Psychic) I'm a huge sucker for movies about the supernatural and people who have the ability to see the past or future (Rose Red, Puppet Master, The Dead Zone,The Gift) but it's very rare to see a young handsome leading man playing such a part. Lucky for us Galligan plays it pitch perfect. I have interviewed Zach about this movie in the past and I'm still convinced he was supposed to be the killer! (spoiler alert, he isn't.)

So if you want to catch out a great movie from the director of the original My Bloody Valentine, that has thrills, chills, and Galligan check out Psychic.

VHSPS sells Psychic on DVD and it's worth very penny. Love the menu song.

Psychicccc Magicccccc

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