Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21 - Of 31 scenes of terror - Carrie (1976)

 Day 21 - Of 31 scenes of terror - Carrie (1976)

The twenty-first scene of terror this month comes with the ORIGINAL and classic very first tale of Mr. Stephen King. That of course is Carrie.

Carrie tells the tale of a young awkward girl in her senior year of high school who's painfully shy and the local outcast due to her insane mother's religious rantings. Dying to belong, Carrie is always the butt of the cruel jokes and jabs of the teens that surround her. One day after gym class, Carrie is washing up in the showers when she begins screaming at the top of her lungs, her hands covered in blood. Thinking she's dying,

It appears that Carrie just got her first period and if that isn't bad enough, all of the girls laugh throwing tampons and pads at her yelling "Plug it up! Plug it up!" Before the gym teacher races to her aid. Days later one of the teens regrets her actions and decides to talk her boyfriend into asking Carrie out to the prom in some attempt to have her feel she's a part of things before they all graduate.

Sadly things don't go as planned since a group of teens find out about Carrie attending prom and decide for the ultimate prank. Filling a bucket of pig's blood above the stage where the prom king and queen will be crowned, they rig the voting, and bucket so everything falls into place and Carrie White will be at ground zero when it's pulled.

Unknown to anyone, Carrie possesses a power. A terrifying power in which she can move objects with her mind. When the bucket drops, covering her in blood she's reminded of her mother's warning about everyone laughing at her. Here all hell breaks loose.

Remade twice along with a shitty sequel, there's no way you can capture the same terror the original had with the split screen and blue and red lighting.


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