Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy twin peaks day!

Happy Twin Peaks day!
Today, July 29th marks the re-release to one of television's greatest shows of all time. This is course being Twin Peaks. Back in 1990 director David Lynch made a world both wonderful and strange centered around the small Northern town of Twin Peaks where F.B.I agent Dale Cooper is brought to solve the murder of Laura Palmer, the town's homecoming queen who seemed to have some very dark secrets of her own.
Lasting only two seasons, Twin Peaks became an instant cult classic and even all these years later people still think Lynch's television masterpiece was the jumping off point for so many popular shows we all know and love today.
I for one have been a huge Twin Peaks fans for years. Years back when I was a freshmen in high school I was talking about mini series with my friend Mike and he was the one who ushered me into the wonderful world of Twin Peaks. All these years later after Friday the 13th the series it's my all time favorite show. Now I may be killed here but I'm not a super huge fan of Lynch's film works. I liked Blue Velvet, somewhat enjoyed Wild At Heart, and was just starting to warm up to the original cut of Fire Walk With Me. I believe had the network allowed Lynch to do whatever he wanted and milked the whole murder mystery, Twin Peaks would have lasted much longer. Still for just two seasons worth it's still one of the greatest mystery stories ever told. In this quirky, dark little town we're introduced to some of the most iconic characters of all time. This is a show I can't stop gushing about and love whenever friends of mine start watching it. It's a show I re-watch at least once a year and still get chills every time Cooper asks "How's Annie?". The show is so close to my heart that I have Twin Peaks Tuesdays on my IG account, and just the beginning of this month of very talented tattoo artist Shane Murphy did a killer Twin Peaks tattoo on me. = Well worth the pain! 
Today the SE Blu-ray boxset of the show, fully restored with all new special features along with an uncut version of FWWM which had nearly 90% of the original film featuring the original characters cut out of it when it was released. This time around the whole story is restored for fans who are just dying to see a few loose ends tied up.
Along with this killer re-release Fright Rags also released three brand new designs based off Twin Peaks. I'll be ordering the Cooper one ASAP. So tonight dig into a nice slice of cherry pie, slosh it down with some coffee as dark as midnight, and pop in Twin Peaks to relive the same magic from another world! 

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