Friday, July 11, 2014

Amazing Amityville 1992 artwork!

 Amazing Amityville 1992 artwork!

Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to order a custom sketch by artist Nathan Milliner. Nathan is a pretty well known artist in the world of horror, having been working in the business for years. His truly stunning pieces of artwork and prints are always fans favorites from work based off movies, serial killers, and literature. Nathan has done covers and artwork for HorrorHound magazine, and just lately started doing covers for the new Scream Factory releases such as The Burning, Halloween I, II, and III, The Funhouse, The Howling, Day Of The Dead, Night Of The Comet, and Terror Train. 

Nathan is a huge fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street series, and even made the cover for the up coming Nightmare coffee table book which will be just like the Camp Crystal Lake Memories book based off the Friday the 13th films. I noticed that Nathan was trying his hardest to make it to the Days Of The Dead convention next month where Robert Englund will be appearing in his Freddy makeup for the "last" time ever. The price for the tickets are a little on the high scale, so he decided to put a special out on Facebook. To raise money so he could attend the convention and meet his hero, he did a one day offer for custom sketches of anything anybody wanted for just 30$. I've always liked Nathan's artwork well enough and have paid much more for custom work and thought this was sorta a steal being able to own a piece of artwork from such a popular artist. I jumped at the offer and decided to request a very strange sketch. Now I knew I could ask for anything, and I was seriously right on the verge of asking for something from Waxwork when I decided of this very well was the only chance I could own a piece of artwork like this for such a low price, I went for something completely out of left field.

I think it's clear how much of a big fan I am of Amityville 1992 It's About Time. It's one of my all time favorite sequels as well as movies. One of my favorite scenes is when Damon Martin (Rusty) goes into his bedroom only to see bloody handprints covering the walls and his sister Megan Ward (Lisa) crying on the floor. Picking her up, she keeps repeating "It's horrible, it's so horrible..." when he asks what is? She leans in close before saying "That your my brother..." and licks his ear. = Twisted...I know it. I love the shot of Damon holding Megan as she leans in so much that it's the background of my cell phone. In fact my friend Jeanette was cool enough that she met Megan Ward for me back in April at Chiller and had her sign my Amityville laserdisc and have her ask some questions about the movie for me. I decided I wanted Nathan to sketch Damon and Megan from my all time favorite scene.

I wasn't disappointed. 

I was seriously blown away when I received this. It's completely stunning and for a quick sketch it's pretty awesome. I do plan in the future to get more Amityville 1992 artwork done by other artist, but at the moment this is my favorite. I know it's odd to own such strange artwork, but this is seriously the coolest and strangest piece of custom artwork I've owned since last summer I had my uber talented friend Tara do an art piece off my favorite Tales From The Crypt episode Strung Along (which this past spring I had tattooed on me!) My hopes is to somehow be able to get my tattoo artist to translate this killer artwork into a tattoo for myself in the future. I also hope if I ever get the pleasure in meeting Megan Ward myself I can get her to sign this. I also hope/dream that someday I can finally meet Damon Martin (this guy needs to do conventions!) and have him sign it as well. I'm sure both wouldn't even begin to guess some crazy fan has artwork of them from this little horror movie they made in the early 90's! I do hope Nathan does specials like this in the future! God knows what else I can think of!

Is it just me or would this make a killer blu-ray release cover? 

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