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Top 5 most underrated endings to a horror movie part 1

 Top 5 most underrated endings to a horror movie part 1.
Wanna know what really packs a punch? A great horror ending! Here is my first list of some of the most underrated endings to a horror movie!

5). Amityville 1992 It's About Time.
I'm sure many people have noticed that I just love making any excuse to talk about this highly underrated sequel. In fact, it's one of my all time favorite horror movies of all time. A huge reason behind it is the fact that such effort was made for it being the sixth installment in the series. I'm a massive fan of awesome 90's sequels that actually could work as a stand alone film (Warlock The Armageddon, Waxwork II Lost In Time, ect.) Amityville 1992 is one of these movies. Being extremely well written, a big part of why it's such a great movie is how clever the ending is. After that nasty cursed clock yet again messes with time (de-aging Rusty and aging Andrea, time is quickly running out.) Andrea very weakly as she transforms into a sixty or seventy year old woman reaches for a lighter and flicks the flame on while the gas from the fireplace is pouring in. Just in time she blows the clock, along with herself into a time portal. Here Andrea wakes up, just as she was to the sound of the doorbell. Confused, she sees she has a tool in her hand and walks to the door only to answer it. Here she opens the door to find Jacob returning from his businesses trip. Exactly played out like the opening scene of the movie, right down to the same exact dialog. Jacob comments on why Andrea is holding the tool in which she says the same exact thing she said in the beginning "For protection." Little did the audience know that the protection was from Jacob from the very beginning! Here the clock is revealed and this time Andrea somehow remembers what happened, almost like an endless looping nightmare. Here she gets the good sense in smashing the clock in a complete rage before storming out. Confused, Jacob, Rusty, and Lisa follow her to the door where Jacob asks "What the hell was that all about?" Andrea sniffles, wipes her eyes and says "It's about time, that's what." With that she drives off into the night while Rusty stands in the doorway and sees his neighbor Iris smiling across from him. The two lock eyes before Rusty smiles back and says "Pure evil." Iris smiles, winking at him before walking off. Showing that somehow they all knew what would have happened in a different reality. 

4) The Thing
"Let's just wait here for a while...see what happens." At the very end of this roller coaster of a ride director John Carpenter takes us, MacReady and Childs are the last two survivors after the base has been destroyed and burning down in the middle of the freezing vast wasteland. Both happen upon each other, exhausted and cold. Both are uneasy on if one of them is really the Thing hiding. Knowing that the fires will die down soon, and both will surely die MacReady knows that if one of them really is hiding something, both aren't exactly in the best shape to do something about it. Child's asks what they should do and MacReady lays in the snow watching the fires before saying the iconic and classic line "Why don't we just wait here for a while...see what happens." With that Childs and him pass back and forth a bottle of booze as the score begins beating like a heartbeat. Both smile at their misfortune as the fires burn on. Slowly it fades to black. Going down as one of the best endings of all time, this wonderful remake is classic textbook on how filmmakers should go about doing a remake. Carpenter has made so many awesome movies with so many amazing endings, but The Thing takes the cake for one of the best ending lines and scenes of all time!

3) Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday
I'm sure for the rest of my life I will always be questioned on my taste level for horror movies whenever somebody finds out that I actually really enjoy the 9th installment in the Friday the 13th film series. Hey, maybe it's because John D LeMay is in it, or the fact that for once they decided to stray away from the same old tired basic plot line and do something new. I'm sure I'm speaking for a lot of fellow horror fans when I say I'll never forget the moment when I first rented this movie and that awesome final shot happened. In fact, I was downright heartbroken at Freddy Vs. Jason, the final result which was years in the making after this wonderful and shocking ending scene that made so many people stand up and scream in amazement. After Stephen and Jessica have sent Jason to hell, all seems right in the world. The sun has just risen and they walk off into the fields with their daughter. Just then the camera pans to Jason's hockey mask left in the dirt with the wind blowing. A dog wanders over, sniffs it for a second and runs away. The camera stays on the mask until BANG! A gloved hand with knifes pops out and grabs the hockey mask bringing it back down to hell. Here a wonderful legend was born that these two killers would someday go face to face. If only the ever so shitty Freddy Vs. Jason lived up to how awesome of a hype the ending of Jason Goes To Hell left. "Sigh..."

2) Dead By Dawn - Evil Dead II
I always tell everyone that Dead By Dawn is by far one of the greatest endings to a horror movie ever. In fact Evil Dead II is one of the best sequels, and horror movies in general. Taking the basic idea of the original classic, Sam Raimi amped everything up x 10000 and made complete and utter horror perfection. After the complete balls to walls ride the audience is taken, our hero Ash reads the final passage only to open up the portal and accidentally gets sucked up inside. Time traveling, he drops out of the sky (along with the classic) and wakes to be surrounded by knights. Confused, he gets up when suddenly one of the demons comes flying out of the sky. Aiming his shotgun (or later to be called his boom stick) he blasts it's head off only to have a knight slowly stumble over amazed. Lifting his helmet (we see it's Mr. Raimi himself) and claims that Ash was delivered to them to save them. Here all the knights join up and begin chanting "Hail! Hail! Hail!" and with Ash standing there, trapped back in time screaming "NOOOOO!" Then finally two metal clad fists knock together before it cuts to black. This awesome ending gave way to the amazing last film in the trilogy Army Of Darkness. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Darkness, but Dead By Dawn set the bar for so many movies I've honestly never seen a sequel have so much fun with itself and leave me in such a state of shock by it's ending.

1) The Howling
Now I was going to put Sleepaway Camp as my #1 choice but I decided to say screw it. Let's try to do pick something different and not exactly the first movie that comes to mind when people are talking awesome endings. The Howling is one of the greatest werewolf movies ever made (after American Werewolf In London). It's hard to believe the same dude to made Gremlins made The Howling just a few years before. After the big showdown, poor Karen is bitten by her husband in werewolf form just as she's escaping with her friend. Knowing that it's too late for her she insists this needs to stop. That these killers need to be exposed and the world needs to know. Shortly after, a few days later Karen finally returns to her gig as a late night news reporter on live TV. Looking stunning, she gets ready as her friend, armed with a hidden shotgun asks if this is what she really wants? Karen begins her report as her producers sit in the booth puzzled. Held by gunpoint by her friend in order to keep the cameras rolling, Karen tells the world that she's going to make them believe. There she flashes gorgeous animal golden eyes before she starts to shriek in pain. There all over the country, people watch the news either stunned, or amazed as Karen transforms into what I would like to think of as the cutest looking werewolf in the world. In fact she looks kinda like a puppy with snot in her nose. Here she howls and her friend knows what he has to do. Aiming the shotgun, loaded with silver bullets he fires them at Karen before the station quickly cuts to a dog food commercial. At a bar, the men watching believe that it was just a prank done with special makeup. Here one of the men have brought a date and orders a couple of burgers, when the cook asks how the woman wants it cooked the camera pans to reveal one of the main female villains who has indeed survived. She stares at the camera, smiles and says "Rare." Here we have the most stomach turning credits as a rare hamburger is slapped on the grill and we watch it cook under the credits as a huge chunk of meat is left behind. Ew...ever hear about pam? Gross!

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