Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Terrorvision (1986)

 Terrorvision (1986)

PLOT - A family's new satellite TV system begins receiving signals from another planet, and soon becomes the passageway to an alien world. 

LOWDOWN - For years I've heard about Terrorvision, I remember seeing the poster and really never knowing what it was about. Finally last summer my friend Kirsty came to visit and gave me a bunch of her old T-shirts. One of which was an awesome Terrorvision T-shirt that I right away had to put on. That night we went to the movies in Boston and I met one of the guys who helped get The Video Dead released on blu-ray. The joke that night was that I had never seen The Video Dead, yet I was wearing a Terrorvision T-shirt. I had the movie on tape, yet for some strange reason just hadn't found the time to sit down and watch it. Now I'm a pretty big fan of director Ted Nicolaou's Supspecies series, never before did it click that he directed this movie as well.

Well this past summer, on what felt like the hottest night of the year I cranked the A.C and settled down to Scream Factory's awesome blu-ray release. 

This was truly a hidden gems and I'm blown away it took me this long to finally get around and watch. In fact, I would say Terrorvision is a very "summer" feeling movie. This was meant to be a B movie, almost a throw back to the cheesy 1950's sic-fi films. With lots of humor, whacky characters, slime, and the cutest monster ever to grace to silver screen I highly recommend this movie to anyone. Mostly fans of 1980's horror films.

The best is Suzy and O.D played by Diane Franklin and Jon Gries the two teenagers in the movie. First off I adore Diane in this movie. Never before in all the movies I've seen her in had I seen her look like this and I loved it.  Also watching Gries tell a child to kiss his boot...never gets old. 

Love the swinging parents, the army crazy grandfather, and of course of the whole gag of the kids trying to teach the monster about music, TV, and food.

With lots of clever whacky twists, and a pretty funny ending I would say the monster in this movie is one of my all time favorites. So if you're ever looking for a very strange, weird, and fun movie Terrorvision is your kind of good time!

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  1. I love "Terrorvision"! I also want to marry, or at least spend a night with Medusa haha. Such a classic movie! Great review.