Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tales From The Crypt -Werewolf Concerto

 Tales From The Crypt - Werewolf Corncerto

PLOT -An Agatha Christie-style mystery sees the inhabitants of a remote hotel terrorized by rumors of a werewolf prowling the area. Not to fear, as a self-appointed werewolf hunter is amongst them. But might he have a dark secret of his own?

LOWDOWN - Yesterday I finally booked my appointment this up coming March to get my Tales From The Crypt tattoo from my favorite episode "Strung Along". Last night to get into the spirit of things I re-watched that episode from season four along with several others. One of which I had always very much enjoyed...this being Werewolf Corncerto. 

I still believe the first four seasons of Tales From The Crypt were by far the best. Nearly every episode was amazing, and always had an all star cast. I find it amazing that so much talent went into the seven seasons this show ran. I believe many actors appeared in this because it was truly HBO's first hit show, and the fact many of them grew up reading the classic comics. Goes to show you, many people look down on horror but many A list stars were scrambling to appear on this show.

What i liked about this episode was the cast. I adored Timothy Dalton, Dennis Farina, and Beverly D'Angelo in their roles and the little banter between Dalton and D ' Angelo. Those two had some great chemistry. With a great supporting cast as well (the fact Wolfgang Puck had a cameo just blows me away...) 

A nice little mystery that's told in less than a half an hour. A great setting, and these actors giving it their all. With a "killer" twist,  I would have loved to see a movie like this turned into a feature length film.

4 stars!

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