Sunday, January 5, 2014

Actors who were replaced for sequels...

Actors who were replaced for sequels...

It's been happening for years, and I for one find it one of the funniest things to be seen in sequels. Sometimes an actress/actor doesn't return for the next installment. There could be several reasons behind this so what does the writers and director do? 

Simple...replace them.

Sometimes this replacement is flawless and you don't even remember the original actor from the film before. Other times...well...not so much.

Tamara Feldman / Danielle Harris 

Crispin Glover / Jeffery Weissman 

Deborah Foreman / Monika Schnarre 

Patricia Arquette / Tuesday Knight 

Karen Black / Leslie Easterbrook

Lisa Schrage / Courtney Taylor 

A. Michael Baldwin / James Le Gros 

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