Thursday, January 9, 2014

I really need to invest in a record player...

 I really need to invest in a record player...

Very much like VHS tapes it seems as if there is a new fad coming back. I'm sure plently of hipsters are jumping on board, but us horror fans have been dying for these to truly make the comeback they deserve. Yep, I'm talking about vinyl records. I'm sure there's tons of people who always stayed true to their turn tables. Much like John Cusack, they never really moved on even though they ended up buying tapes, CDs, and even own an Ipod. From what I've heard there is honestly nothing as perfect soundwise as playing a record. Thanks to Waxwork Records, along with several other companies, famous horror movie soundtracks are being re-released with stunning new artwork. 

I'm still yet to jump on board, but for the last few years I have caught myself buying different soundtracks from different movies even though I don't own a record player. As of right now I own the Summer School soundtrack, Friday the 13th the series soundtrack, the Dangerously Close soundtrack, and the Christine soundtrack. I guess I sorta see them like laserdics. They are much cooler to get signed at conventions, and even the old school artwork is much cooler than half the shit they have out now. Watching the newest releases come out (Prince Of Darkness, Day Of The Dead, ect) I know it's only a matter of time before I end up taking the plunge and buying a record player. As everyone knows I'm a massive soundtrack nut. I play movie soundtracks all day long at work, and listen to them whenever I'm on a road trip. In fact this weekend I'm planning on buying The Kindred soundtrack on CD that just showed up on ebay. I really can't explain it but listening to a score is most likely the most relaxing thing in the world. 

I've gone to several different flea markets, and even best buy searching but so far nothing. My hunt continues. As soon as I buy one I have a feeling I'll have to start investing in buying more kick ass soundtracks!

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