Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 horror movies I would swear by.

 15 horror movies I would swear by.

Sure we've all played the desert island game. Pick 5 movies you can watch for the rest of your life. Well how about you were trying to show somebody your style in tatse of film just by showing them 15 different films? Well here is my top 20 picks of movies that I believe a good number of people would enjoy, and would show exactly what kind of movies I love and could watch over and over again.

20) Frozen
19) Evil Dead II Dead By Dawn

18) Pet Sematary

17) Jason Goes To Hell

16) The Burning 

15) The Kindred.

14) Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II

13) Jaws

12) Warlock 2 The Armageddon 

11) Waxwork II Lost In Time 

10) Night Of The Creeps

9) Manhunter

8) Fright Night

7) Chrtistine 

6) Waxwork

5) Black Christmas

4) My Bloody Valentine 

3) Phantasm

2) A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master

1) Hatchet

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