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American Horror Story Coven - Eh...

 American Horror Story Coven - Eh...

PLOT - A school/coven of a drying breed of witches down in New Orleans is begnning to face a new batch of problems. The head witch of the coven, who's called the suspreme is the most powerful witch of all. Sadly after a good run she's slowly dying and finally aging meaning a new and up coming suspreme is on the rise. Slowly she begins trying to seek out and stop who will take her place before it's too late. 

LOWDOWN - This was the first American Horror Story season I watched live. I don't know, certian shows I rather just buy the entire season and plow through it within a few days so everything is fresh in my memory. This is what I did with season 1 and 2, both of which I enjoyed and very well thought was a new spin for horror on the small screen. Time of course passed and I heard the next season would be about witches. Believing this was a fresh new storyline since it would be Salem witches Vs. New Orlean witches I got excited. I mean call me a nerd but I love magic and seeing that I live just a half an hour away from Salem MA I know the history behind the trials. Of course last year I began to guess who would get cast and where it would take place. At first I thought it was going to be shot down in Salem MA before the location changed to New Oreleans. 

With some interesting casting choices were rumored, I decided to just say screw it and watch the show live. In fact the first episode aired the night of my brother in-law's birthday where I was pretty much three sheets to the wind and watched the first episode trying to sober myself up as fast as I could. = Safe to say that didn't work. In fact all I remember is being annoyed the best man at my sister's wedding was in the next room loudly cheering while watching the Red Sox so I decided to cheer just as loud while watching Coven. Oh booze, you always make every night classy. 

Very quickly I began to notice that Coven wasn't exactly my cup of tea. First off pretty much the entire cast was beyond unlikeable. Sure I liked the Fiona character, but I feel Lange topped herself with last season with playing Sister Jude. Sure the music score was good, and the setting and backstory rich, but it seemed as though I only truly enjoyed maybe three episodes as a total in the whole season. The whole Salem vs. New Orlean witches showdown was lack luster, and a bunch of build up for nothing. For the first time in three seasons I found Sarah Paulson very unlikeable and the storylines begin feeling beyond over done and tired. Soon I wasn't even shocked whenever a character died because I knew right away that character would be brought right back. A cool idea, but done to death in all manners of speaking with this season. In fact I rolled my eyes whenever somebody was brought back. It was no longer cool but annoying.

The Kyle character had a good idea behind it, sorta like a Frankenstein idea that seemed new for this show. Instead he ended up pretty much getting fixed up and just used for sex and became just a pointless character. Sorry but I might be the only woman out there that doesn't find him attractive. The whole love story between him and Zoe was beyond forced. You know they did it for the fan girls and every moment they were together was cringe worthy. I HATED when Zoe was doing the seven wonders and her "hell" was Kyle breaking up with her over and over again. Really...

Oh and while we're on the subject of things I hated. Never before have I honestly wanted to kill Emma Roberts. I liked her in Scream 4 and a few other movies she did in the past, but something about her now makes me wanna slap her straight across the face. Hated her character, hated that she came back, and hated even more her ending. I feel she deserved worse. Just saying...

The Misty Day character was annoying with bringing everyone back but I did like her love of Fleetwood Mac. I felt the Stevie Nicks storyline was worthy of the biggest eye roll in the history of eye rolls but I did love her opening of singing The Seven Wonders in the final episode.

Hated Percious in this and hated that she lived. (Yes I know her real name isn't Percious but that shows how much I care about that actress.)

The build up was stupid, and the only moments I did like was the fact that the Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett ended up in hell together and of course the Axe man storyline. I somehow find that man very attractive and loved the episode flashback of how he wrote to the newspapers saying if they didn't play jazz in every house he would kill a family. His ending with Lange was great and I'll forever love the line "What is this? Knoty pine?!"

A lack luster ending that makes me wish they had done more. I truly hope they change things up a bit for season 4 because this witch is burned.

- 3 stars

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