Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amazing Twin Peaks tarot cards!

Amazing Twin Peaks tarot cards!
Shortly after the holidays I found myself with a little extra cash than usual. I have always been very responsible with my own money because I do own my own house, but also because my days of being an idiot blowing money are safey far behind me. Well...until now. I really only ever spurge on movie related items/bootlegs/artwork/posters/ect whenever I'm at a convention, and even lately my hauls aren't what they used to be. It isn't because I'm on a tight budget, it's really because I'm a snot now for taste. Unless it really is rare or has to do with one of my all time favorite movies I'm rarely interested. Well with slowly re-doing my downstairs such as my den, bathroom, and office...I began to noise I was really lacking in the original artwork and print department. One thing I'm a huge fan of is original artwork. Lately some of the custuom made prints and posters have truly blown me away. We get to see alternet designs and artwork for some of our favorite shows and movies. This past summer in fact I got my very first piece of custom artwork from my talented friend Tara who made a print based off my all time favorite Tales From The Crypt episode which I'll be getting tattooed on me at HorrorHound this spring!!! "nerd snort".

One day right before Christmas I was crusing around on Etsy (a great sight for anything you want custom) and I began looking at original artwork based off one of my all time favorite shows Twin Peaks. Lately with it's 25th anniversary coming up along with a new blu-ray release set for this spring, Twin Peaks has been getting some much loved hype. I mean that awesome missing poster for Cooper that seems to be floating around everywhere is amazing. So that's where I noticed the coolest thing ever on one of the Etsy pages. This woman makes her very own custom tarot cards all based off her own artwork and design of the Twin Peaks characters. In fact there were over sixty in the pack. Right away I was stunned by the artwork and knew if I ever needed to blow money on something stupid, this would be it.

Now the set wasn't exactly cheap, and if it hadn't been for the extra money I had and the fact I decided to spoil myself with this Christmas gift never in a million years would I buy it. But I decided to say what the hell. I don't know how to read tarot cards, but thought the idea of framing a few of this babies up to hang in my den would be amazing. So I up and ordered them and they arrived this Saturday with the coolest bag ever that had a single letter R in it (Twin Peaks fans know exactly what I'm talking about.) I sorta did a half ass job framing half of the deck in an old frame I had but decided for a later time to frame the whole set and spend the money on getting these done right. For the time being my frame of my favorites sits in front of my TV down in my den and I'm thrilled. The rest sit in my office.

So I strongly urge if you have some extra money to spend, and your a massive Twin Peaks fans, go order this tarot card set ASAP!

Etsy shop with tarot cards

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