Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Silent Night Deadly Night drinking game

 Silent Night Deadly Night drinking game

It's the most wondeful time of the year! Ummm...not really. I seriously hate the winter, I can't bitch enough about the cold weather. Since my favorite months are behind me, and I can only dream about the spring, I decided the best way to somewhat enjoy this season is to get into spirit is to celebrate the best way I know how.

To drink!

So I decided to make rules of the Silent Night Deadly Night drinking game.

Egg nog for everyone!

Drink everytime...

- A christmas song plays.
- You see the color red. 
- The word Christmas or Santa is said.
- You see Christmas lights.
- A flashback is shown. 

Take a shot when...

- The world "naughty" is said.
- Somebody is murdered. 
- A pair of breasts appear.

Waterfall when...

The Warm Side Of The Door montage plays.

Everyone enjoy the hangover!

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