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Why Thanksgiving the movie should be made

 Why Thanksgiving the movie should be made

Back in April of 2007, audiences were treated to what I believe was one of the coolest ways to watch a movie in the 21st century. Something many of our parents had done when they were in our teens, and we sadly hadn't been able to experience. Going back to the glory days of Grindhouse cinema, Grindhouse was released by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino who brought us Planet Terror and Death Proof, two very awesome thrill rides for the price of one. What also made Grindhouse so awesome was the fact fake trailers for movies were made to play in-between both films. All ready Rodiguez's Machete has been made into two films, but the film that seemed to stand out the most of an homage to 80's holiday themed slashers in the form of Eli Roth's Thanksgiving.

Eli Roth, before he became best known as The Bear Jew, was a pretty legit director. Cocky? Yes, a pretty good filmmaker? Of course. Not only was the dude handsome, he was able to make some pretty awesome horror movies that felt as though they were made in the late 70's/early 80's. All ready we had gotten Cabin Fever, and Hostel out of the man. That year Eli released Hostel II which in my eyes sorta jumped the shark for the movie that honestly should have been a stand alone film. Since then Roth has turned the tables and become a pretty good actor which plans on returning behind the camera next year. Back in 07, Roth helped out and directed one of the tiny trailers for Grindhouse. Here it felt like a horror movie straight from 1981 or 82. Based off such great slashers as Halloween, Silent Night Deadly Night, and Happy Birthday To Me, it really did leave me stunned that there hadn't been any horror movie from the 80's besides really Bloodrage that took place on Thanksgiving and played up the idea it took place on this holiday. I still remember the laughs, and gasps the trailer got when it was first showed and it was by far my favorite out of all of them.

Now the question remains if Roth will ever direct this movie into a full length film.

There have been rumors floating around for several years that the movie will be a go, being filmed in Plymouth MA. Still, with Roth gearing up for his next film after several years The Green Inferno, it leaves true hard core fans wondering when this turkey slasher will ever see the light of day? I mean Grindhouse did bomb at the box office simply because so many people didn't get the fact that they were getting two movies for the price of one. It also doesn't help that it was also released on Easter weekend. It just sorta annoys me that two...count them two Machete films have all ready been made which were AWFUL. Why not let Edgar Wright direct Don't, or have Zombie do Werewolf Women of the S.S? At least those films looked interesting.

Sadly I think the Grindhouse phase sorta passed us before it even got a chance to sink in. Still, it seems that so many filmmakers are dying to try and capture the magic the 70's and 80's had for horror and slashers. I mean right down to Ti West films, and the fact so many of these new movies are filmed as if they were released twenty or thirty years before.

With a fun director like Roth who has a huge passion for homaging movies back to the glory days. I feel if it was filmed in MA, the gore, and gritty look and feel for the movie will be perfect. + I really wanna see that human turkey.

I think Thanksgiving would make an awesome movie. Yes maybe some of the casting would have to change, but I feel for a silly over the top holiday slasher, this is exactly what horror fans want to see. So as another Thanksgiving comes upon us, we can only pray 2014 might finally be the year we finally get to see people get "stuffed".

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