Friday, November 8, 2013

Horror movies with the best soundtracks e-v-e-r

 Horror movies with the best soundtracks e-v-e-r

Here is my list of my all time favorite horror movie soundtracks.

1). Night Of The Creeps
This soundtrack is pure 80's fun. With an amazing line up from the band Intimate Strangers and Stan Ridgway some of my all time favorite songs come from this film. What also appeals to me is some classic hits from the 50's which is perfect as the movie jumps 30 years later. 

2) Fright Night
This hands down is my all time favorite horror movie soundtrack. Between Brad Fiedel's haunting score and the endless awesome 1980's songs that are beyond catchy, it's the perfect match since this is in my eyes one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

3) Return Of The Living Dead
One of the biggest reasons why I feel Return Of The Living Dead was such a hit was because of how amazing the soundtrack was. It's seriously a punk fan's dream. With such tunes from The Cramps, T.S.O.L, and 45 Grave, most of the scenes feel so epic simply because of how powerful this music made it. 

4) Critters
Not only does it have Johnny Steel's Power Of The Night playing over, and over, and over again, there's some other pretty awesome and very underated songs that play during the entire movie. 

5) A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master
The Dream Master is my all time favorite Nightmare movie for several different reasons. The main being the soundtrack. We got tunes from The Divinyls, Dramarama, Billy Idol, Blondie, and Sinead O' Connor. And how can we forget Tuesday Knight's opening song?

6) The Lost Boys
There seriously isn't one bad song in this entire movie. We all know, and get chills whenever Cry Little Sister plays, but the perfect selection was made for this movie with hits from The Doors, Tim Cappello, and RUN D.M.C.

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