Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 - Monsters - A Bond Of Silk

 Day 14 - Monsters - A Bond Of Silk

PLOT - A newlywed couple book themselves into the basement suite of a fancy hotel which soon turns out to be the lair of a monstrously sized arachnid.

LOWDOWN - I have reviewed several episodes of the low budget show Monsters in the past. Not that long ago I finally began trying to knock down a few more episodes I had never seen and A Bond Of Silk was one of them. Now there isn't much info nor images on the internet about this episode, but trust me it's one of the scariest, mostly of you fucking hate spiders. A clever suspensful plot that's only 25 or so minuites, this is by far one of the better episodes that ran on the show. So here it is, the first half of the episode A Bond Of Silk.

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