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Day 12 - Nick Knight (1989)

 Day 12 - Nick Knight (1989)

PLOT - Detective Nick Knight is investigating a series of murders in which the bodies are found drained of blood - but the most recent one doesn't fit the pattern. Instead it involves the cure that Nick has been searching for for decades, so that he himself can face the light of day. Later remade as the first two episodes of Forever Knight.  

LOWDOWN - Ah, 2005...what a magical year. I had just turned sixteen and I celebrated my birthday by going to see Rick Springfield in concert. I know what you're thinking...wait it was 2005...not 1981? Yes, a lot of people have said I have an old soul, even as a teenager I was into music/movies/fashion that was fifteen or 20 years old by then. Instead of loving modern music at the time, I was crazy about Rick Springfield, the heart throb from the 1980's who stole hearts when he sung about Jessie's Girl, and had a few years starring on the ever so popular General Hospital. Being a very strange and weird teenager, I discovered his bubble gum pop music when I was 13 or 14 and quickly owned every "best of" CD that he had. Right around the time he was about to release his new album, I was in a full blown Springfield haze. I had a vintage 1981 shirt from his first world tour, I owned all of the shitty movies he had been in during the 1980's and early 90's, and seemed to be the only person under 30 when I attended that concert. 

Ah, memories...

Anyways, it wasn't long before I was researching some movies Rick had starred in since he was not only a very talented singer, he dabbled in acting as well. I remember wondering to myself why this man hadn't been in a horror movie. I mean even at this age he still looked amazing and back in his prime..Mmmmm don't even get me started. That's when I stumbled upon a DVD copy of Nick Knight. Stunned at Springfield was the lead, I bought it and saw that this was actually the original pilot that a few years later was turned into the show Forever Knight that ran for a few years in the 90's.

The story tells the tale of detective Knight, an officer who lives in the heart of LA and only works the night shift. It seems Nick has it all, he's handsome, he drives a very cool black caddy, and he always seems to have the perfect  5'o clock shadow. But Knight is hiding a secret that only a few know about. Nick is a vampire, struggling to survive and to turn human. It isn't until a series of brutal murders begin to strike that Nick finds that maybe, just maybe it's another old friend from the past trying to settle the score.

This made for TV movie was sadly a failed pilot and seemed dead in the water for a few years before finally the story was changed a bit (characters and such) and the original idea was made into Forever Night in which sadly Springfield couldn't return, so the character was Nick was recast with Geraint Wyn Davies. The show lasted 3 whole seasons and from what I hear it's really good. I think part of me mourns over the fact Springfield didn't return and that's a huge reason I still haven't checked it out.

Any who, Nick Knight was a great made for TV movie. I saw in an issue of HorrorHound that since this was released the same year was Batman, an issue of Spingfield on the cover for this said "A different kind of batman." very cool indeed.

The made for TV movie actually feels more like a feature length film. Yeah a few times it gets a little cheesy (such as the villain dancing to Bobby Brown in the radio station.) but whatever budget it had, it really didn't show. In fact Nick Knight is a slick, beautifully made film with wonderful lighting, and camera shots. With a pretty awesome soundtrack filled with top artists at the time, and a great score, the film has a lot going for it. Spingfield shines as Nick, the troubled vampire who's trying everything within his will to stop his urge for blood and to finally see one real sunrise. Rick is a great actor and it's a shame he never got a chance to do more with such a great character. With a clever mystery thrown into the plot, there's two different killers stalking the streets of LA at the same time. One that's directly linked with Nick. 

Every scene is amazing to watch up until the huge showdown. I loved the scene of Nick coming in to see the woman who works at the museum, or when he goes to the night club looking for answers. I adore the scene where Nick and the woman are both sitting there as she's holding the glass of "wine" trying to tempt him.

A different more "human" take on vampires, I feel Nick Knight was very ahead of it's time and a must for all horror/Springfield/and vampire fans to watch.

4 stars!

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