Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10 - Bad Ronald (1987)

 Day 10 - Bad Ronald (1987)

PLOT - A shy teenager accidentally kills a mocking peer, and his mother helps him hide in a spare room in their house. Problems arise when the mother goes for an operation and dies, and the house is sold to a new family, with the teen still living inside.

LOWDOWN - I first heard about this movie when I read a wonderful article about some of the best made for TV suspense/horror movies of all time. This by far is one of my favorite issues of HorrorHound that came out back in 2010. In fact it was the November 2010 issue, which holds fond memories for me since that very same month I attended/work my first HorrorHound show, and thanks to this brilliant article I re-discovered so many amazing made for TV movies from my childhood, and ended up reading about the show Supernatural which ended up being a huge favorite among my roommates and friends back at school. Bad Ronald is a great story which is highly underrated. In fact it took me up until last year to finally track down a bootleg copy of it. In fact, this along with Midnight Offerings were one of many of the movies I bought that weekend and knew I just had to watch. Getting this movie for free by the guy selling it, I knew it would have to be one of the first I had to watch the second I got home. Thanks to an awesome stomach bug, it took me a few days but finally I was able to pop in the movie and see why this film after all these years still has such a strong cult status. 

Bad Ronald is a sorta far fetch plot, and sadly due to poor thinking on the Ronald character and his older mother, a series of terrible events begin to happen which starts the downward spiral of the poor boy's sanity. One of my favorite moments is when the new family moves in and the parents begin to notice tiny things happening such as food missing in the kitchen, and lights being left on. Just the idea of somebody living within your own walls is creepy enough, it gets worse that poor Ronald, who all ready was socially awkward, gets into this mess by a simple accident, and some pretty bad decisions. His mother being his whole world and the only contact he had to the outside world, pulls on your heart strings when she never returns from the hospital and a lonely, scared, and confused Ronald is stuck living alone in his hidden room. I like how he began living in a fantasy world, and the new owner's of the house have no idea he's even there! I love how he falls in love with the two young daughters and that awesome reveal of one of them finding one of his peep holes at night. Very unsettling and very creepy.

So if your looking for a great 70's made for TV movie that will 100% give you chills, check out Bad Ronald.

3 Stars!

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