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Curse Of Chucky - It's not a sequel/remake/reboot. It's a gift for fans.

 Curse Of Chucky - It's not a sequel/remake/reboot. It's a gift for fans.

PLOT -After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos. 

LOWDOWN - Am I the biggest Child's Play fan? No. Have I followed the series and always enjoyed each sequel for the most part? Yes. Out of all the horror villains I would say Chucky is one of my least favorites. Maybe because it's a little silly seeing that he's like a cabbage patch doll with bastard colored red hair that runs after you even tho he's only 3 feet high. Now I'm not saying he's the only villain that's a little silly and unbelievable. I mean these are horror movies, you're supposed to suspend you're extent of belief. I mean if you think about it, Freddy and Jason are the most far fetched killers of all time. For Child's Play, I always felt these movies were awesome, but very tongue and cheek no matter how hard it tried to get dark. Still, I have clear memories of always wanting to rent these movies as a child. In fact one summer when I was very young and we were camping I legit threw a fit since I thought Child's Play was going to be shown at the drive-in near the lake we were at. Instead Problem Child was being shown instead. Safe to say little Stacy was not very happy. 

I remember seeing the iconic Scream 2 like poster back in 98 for Bride Of Chucky and not exactly getting the tag line "Chucky Gets Lucky." I do remember once I full blown got into serious horror collecting that I had to buy all the sequels on tape and later on be lucky enough to own several chucky dolls, including two life sized Chucky and Tiff dolls that my grandmother of all people bought for me. Like I said, I'm not a massive fan of the series (I really enjoy the first two films that have the Andy character in it.) Hated part 3, liked the new direction they took with Bride, and enjoy Seed only after I've been drinking most of the time. 

Time passed and when I learned they were making yet another movie I really didn't give it a second thought. I believed this would be following the silly footsteps Seed did, and it would be another campy movie with Chucky and his family slicing and dicing. 

My first surprise was when I saw Chucky's new look. He hadn't looked that fresh since the beginning of part 3. Right away I began to wonder, is this a sequel? Deciding not to closely the making and production of this movie so things wouldn't get spoiled, all I knew was a rumor was going on that this took place right after part III. Which remained the question, why did he look so unfucked up? I mean he was thrown into a fan at the end of the third movie? Shouldn't he be in pieces? 

Well time went on, and of course I ended up looking up clips from the movie and of course being in Facebook certain spoilers were revealed, which honestly didn't upset me. In fact it made me just as excited to end up finally watching this movie.

Having met several members of the original cast, and the fact the movie was released the same year I was born, I found it fitting that both me and Child's Play turned 25 just in time to see the 6th instalment come out. Last night with my two dolls and some beer, I put my DVD in and was honestly blown away. 


First off the creepy, very empty old house was a great setting. I also loved the casting of Fiona Dourif as the lead. First off she's stunning, and second she looks so much like her father it's insane. I loved the opening scene, and of course the mix of characters that were blended in. In fact I found myself highly amused with the whole baby sitter bit. Gotta admit, that twist took me off guard!

I loved how the movie took it's time with pacing, it didn't rush and believe it or not the blend of CGI wasn't terrible. I liked how it took it's time to the build up and all the very settle scenes of the characters walking around and you just being able to see a glimpse of Chucky running around was not only creepy, but clever.

Also was I the only one who thought that chille looked amazing? Maybe it was just me...

Every death was very well done (the lap top one was great!) and I loved the lead being stuck in a wheelchair. The bit when she gets an axe in her leg had me cringing but it made perfect sense, she really couldn't feel anything. Total props to Fiona, great actress who gave it her 100% in this role.

Loved the sister character, the scene of her in the attic slowly peeling the latex off Chucky's face. That reveal was awesome! Another scene I loved was when they were watching the home movies and a certain somebody pops up in the background. 

I don't know about other fans but I always found the background on Chucky very interesting. We only got to see him in his true human form in the very opening of the original, and since then besides a few hints not much has been given into his life. Even though some of it did confuse me, I think after another re-watch with less beer I'll get a better understanding. From what I got out of it, Chucky was in love with the girl's mother and kidnapped her wanting a family of his own. I did like how they had him in the same coat as he had on in the original. The only thing that confused me was the police that showed up and what exactly did Chucky want? Was he going to do get Barb so he could have his own family? Was he going to do some soul switching? I was a little confused...but like I said before maybe it was the beer talking...

Also how about  Brad Dourif in those flashback scenes. Maybe it was the wig but mmmm, don't mind if I do! I kinda see why Tiffany stayed with him all those years...

I did like sorta how it liked with the original toy store shoot out and seeing Chris Sarandon again even in a flashback made me smile. The final act was great (loved the slow motion show of the guy carrying the girl and then pushing her in the wheel chair.) and of course the fight between Nica and Chucky. Some of those scenes were stomach turning such as when he starts to slice at her fingers and goes "Can you feel that?". Loved her crashing down below on the final floor and how Chucky explains why he did the things he did and how he's always wanted revenge. I did think for a while the big reveal would be that Chucky was her father (I mean it would make sense...) but nevertheless I did enjoy the ending even though this kind of ending to tie up loose ends have been done a million times before. I mean why not question the little girl? Or check the lap top? Humm? 

Still a clever fitting way to tie up certain characters. I did love Nica saying how Chucky did never kill Andy, and her shouting to him as she wheels away "I'm still alive!". The scene that did get me the most, and this was a certian plot twist that was spoiled for me was when we see Tiffany yet again. Yeah not all of it makes sense, but I went with it. Seeing her again, mailing Chucky around the country to everyone who has done him wrong was amazing and explained who's mailing Chucky to all these families. I loved her line "Who's next?".

One scene we could have done without was Chucky going back to the little girl to play hide the soul. I feel this along with the grandmother jump scare at the end was sloppy and just didn't make sense. But then again this is a Chucky movie...

The true ending, for the fans was after the credits when we see Alex Vincent aka Andy all these years later. I've met Alex several times, he's a cool dude and seeing the true Andy return to the memorable character I'm sure pleased tons of Child's Play fans all around the world. I loved the little nods to the series. Showing he graduated from military school, the photo of him and his mother, and Kyle...

I love the phone convo with his mother, the only thing that didn't really make sense was him asking how Mike is (aka Chris Sarandon.) Um, didn't they say in part 2 the police were smart and didn't back up the doll story which meant poor Karen was sent to a mental hospital? Still the idea that they ended up together is sorta nice.

Love the ending shot and if this is the very last in the series, I'm pleased by how it turned out.

So for Child's Play and Chucky fans all over, do check out this visualy stunning movie that is by far one of the best sequels I've seen in a very long time!

4 Stars!

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