Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Horror questions

Horror questions 

So lately, I've noticed a bunch of these horror themed questions floating around on Facebook. Bored, and spending my evening watching Behind The Mask while petting one of my dogs, I decided to kill a little time and fill one of these bad boys out. So here goes...

 1) Favorite horror movie? - Hum, that's a tough one. I think it's sorta unfair to make a horror fan just choose one. So I'll pick my top four. Fright Night, Phantasm, Waxwork, and Christine.

2) Horror movie you watched the most times? - Gonna have to go with Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time. I could seriously do a one woman show of those two movies.

3) Favorite villain?- I'm a huge Jason fan, but for the underrated ones I'll go with Toby from Popcorn, Victor from the Hatchet series, and Bill from Intruder. 

4) Favorite heroine?- Stretch from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
5) Favorite hero?- Mark Loftmore from Waxwork and Waxwork II. 

6) Favorite female killer?- Aunt Felice from The Kiss.

7) Favorite supernatural killer? - Christine the car.

8) Favorite mortal killer? - Jerry Blake, The Stepfather.

9) Favorite killer animal? - Bruce the shark from Jaws.

10) Favorite Stephen King movie? - Christine and Pet Sematary.

11) Favorite Wes Craven movie? - Deadly Friend.

12) Favorite John Carpenter movie? - Christine and The Fog.

13) Favorite movie from the 70's? - Original Halloween, Jaws, Race With The Devil, and Phantasm.

14) Favorite movie from the 80's? - Friday the 13th 1-5, A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1,3,4. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, Fright Night, The Burning, Return Of The Living Dead, Night Of The Demons, and Witchboard.

15) Favorite movie from the 90's? - Body Bags, Popcorn, Waxwork II, Warlock 2, Scream, and Jason Goes To Hell.

16) Favorite movie from the 2000's? - Cabin Fever, Saw, Wolf Creek, Behind The Mask, and Hatchet.

17) Scariest villian? - Whatever that doll was in the opening of the Conjuring. Holy shit...

18) Villain you felt the most sorry for? - Sam from Deadly Friend, and Toby from Popcorn. Two very tragic characters.

19) Stupidest villian?- Mrs. Loomis from Scream 2. Dumbest twist for one of the better sequels in a slasher series.

20) Least scary villian? - Critters. Love those little rolling fur balls.

21) A remake you liked better than the original? - Typical...but John Carpenter's The Thing.

22) Worst remake? - There have been a lot but the worst has been The Hitcher.

23) Favorite non-horror movie? - I have a few. Um, Heathers, This Is Spinal Tap, Inception, Die Hard, Summer School, and Valley Girl.

24) Favorite song from a horror movie? - I adored the original Fright Night soundtrack. Utter perfection. For scores I would say Phantasm and Day Of The Dead.

25) Last horror movie you watched? - Hatchet III, and I'm currently watching Behind The Mask.
26) Most disappointing horror movie?- Lords Of Salem. I know a lot of people loved it, and I'm sure it's going to grow on me in time but ehhhh. What a total let down. I live close to Salem so this movie had a lot of hype building up...the final result, a complete mess.

27) Death that upset you the most? - Fisher Stevens In The Burning, and Joel David Moore in the Hatchet movies.

28) Favorite horror movie actress? - Linnea Quigley

29) Favorite horror movie actor? -  Zach Galligan.

30) Favorite horror movie director? - Sam Raimi.

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