Friday, May 17, 2013

Zach Galligan donates Waxwork II crew shirt for Hatchet III Boston strong auction!

 Zach Galligan donates Waxwork II crew shirt for Hatchet III Boston strong auction!
On May 29th director Adam Green is holding a special Hatchet 3 party which will be part of a silent auction for the Boston Marathon bombings that took place next month. I if course had a good "FML" moment when I saw this was happening since this weekend I flying all the way to FL just to meet actor Zach Galligan and of course he's going to beat this event just three days after my FL trip (the place where this event is taking place is legit only a half an hour away from where I live. Looks like I'm meeting Zach twice in one week!) anywho the Super cool thing about this party's the fact there's gong to be a silent auction on line with several items celebrities were awesome enough to donate. 

The item I'm the most sparked about is the Waxwork II
Lost in time crew shirt that Zach was cool enough to donate. This baby was Zach's own personal shirt and bidding for it will go until the night of the party where the auction will close and the highest bidder will collect and take home this AMAZING piece of Waxwork history. I seriously died when I saw this. I think it's pretty clear how big of a Waxwork fan I am (I mean seriously who else would fly all the way to FL justo make sure thief Waxwork laserdisc gets signed?) yep...that's me! I even dare to say I might be an even bigger fan if the film's strange and highly underrated sequel. The fact Zach has ths shirt up for auction is making my inner Waxwork fan scream. So far there is only three bidders and the highest offer is 51$ I have sorta a bad feeling about this since the auction stays open until the night of the party and I have an awful feeling In between that time the price is gong to get jacked up. As crazy as this sounds I would seriously blow 300$ on this but with my FL trip this weekend and the fact I get paid two days after the party I seriously don't think this is going to happen. Depressing ...yes. Still, I'm going to see at least if I have a fighting chance to get it. Might have to break open a few piggy banks...still, if anyone deserves to try and waste $ on something like this it's me. I would legit get buried in this shirt. ALSO all the $ from the auction goes towards the Boston Strong cause so at least I wouldn't feel I was blowing all this $ for nothing...right?

Even if I don't get I I hope whoever wins knows what an awesome thing they did buying this gem and what a great cause it's going to. Hats off to Mr. Galligan, classy move to donate something that awesome!

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